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What's More Important when Considering Floor Protection, Thickness or Weight?

Did you know that the strength of Corrugated Plastic Protection sheeting is dependent on its weight/m2 rather than the thickness of the sheet? If two products are of a comparable thickness, one with a lesser weight/m2 will be weaker than the other.

Is this important? Yes. If protecting expensive finishes, floors such as marble, granite or tiles, it is worth making the comparison. For example a 4mm thick corrugated plastic sheet at 800gms/m2 is 14% stronger than a sheet at 700gms/m2, and is more likely to perform in applications where heavy-duty protection is required to cope with forklift traffic, scaffold towers, or extensive foot traffic.

Most purchasing decisions are made on price these days comparing 4mm sheets from one supplier with 4mm sheets from another supplier, without considering whether they are actually like for like. Do not be fooled by "cheaper alternatives" always make an informed choice to suit your requirements. If you don't, it could cost more in the long run.

For advice on this subject, please speak to our Sales Department on 0800 834 704 and please note that for larger requirements, we can also make ‘Extra Heavy Duty’ grades if your protection needs dictate.

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