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Grass Protection Mesh Provides Slip Resistant Walkways Around Construction Sites

Posted in: Help & Advice Date: 24 Jan 2014
TrackTile Pedestrian Walkway

Track Tile Grass Protection Mesh Provides Slip Resistant Walkways Around Sites

Tracktile is a grass protection mesh mat ideal for heavy foot traffic around construction sites, particularly in the winter months.

TrackTile is a brilliant solution for external ground protection such as safeguarding grass areas from churning up from heavy foot or vehicle traffic. It is also great for providing a safe pedestrian walkway on various ground surfaces particularly when wet or icy.

TrackTile is strong, portable and durable meaning it can be easily moved and re-purposed around site for particular areas that require extra ground traction such as access routes and walkwaysTrackTile temporary walkwaysGround Protection - TrackTile

For more information on TrackTile you can learn more here or call us on 0800 834 704.

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