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The Virtues of Using Hessian Cloth for Frost Protection

About Hessian Cloth


During the winter months damage caused by frost can add additional complications to the most organised construction site and it is from this perspective that Protec are proud to stock and supply Protec Hessian.

Protec Hessian is one of the most effective forms of frost protection that you can buy and unlike similar products is, in many instances, a more economic option to use for a wide range of frost protection applications.

Frost damage on site can affect works and materials in many different ways and two of the most significant problems are highlighted below along with the benefits that using Protec Hessian brings:

  • Damage to Building Materials – Frost damage to materials such as bricks and stone sills through freezing and expansion. Materials that are wrapped in Hessian are insulated against the cold, reducing the penetration of water and ice.
  • Time Loss – Through damage to materials or structure caused by frost, the use of Hessian can aid productivity on site by removing the time lost waiting for replacement building materials or having to carry out repairs on site.

Supplied in a 1.37m x 46m roll, Protec Hessian is an ideal protection for internal and external works both for covering and insulation purposes. Furthermore the handy roll size is suitable for storage when not in use and the Hessian itself is easy to cut with either scissors or a Stanley knife.

Hessian is a great product for insulating against frost but it is also worth considering Bubblewrap as another viable alternative as the air pockets provide outstanding insulation against temperature change and reduces the risk of frost forming in the first place. Hessian and Bubblewrap can be used independently or together to provide full waterproof frost insulation.

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