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Temporary Protection for Moving House

They say that the three most stressful events in your lifetime are changing job, moving to a new house & getting married. It’s easy to see why these events are so stressful because there’s so much planning involved to make sure everything goes smoothly, whether it’s your ‘big day’ or a ‘new start’ there’s lots to consider beforehand. None the less, we make these changes to improve our lifestyle; so they should be rewarding if anything, not stressful.

One of the major stresses when it comes to moving to a new house is making sure all of your furniture gets there in once piece. If you’re moving from a rented property you’ve also got to consider that any damages to flooring or walls will be at your own expense.

Moving to a new house doesn’t have to be stressful though and correct preparation beforehand can help prevent this. Read on below to see our top tips to prevent damage & save money during your moving process using temporary protection materials.

Protecting your furniture & appliances whilst in transit

The first step to making your move as stress-free as possible is packing. Obviously, you won’t be able to pack everything straight away (unless you plan on sitting on the floor with a takeaway every night) so try to pack the things you won’t need before moving first. For larger items such as wardrobes & beds you might need to take them apart. Keep a set of small plastic bags and a sandwich box to hand, to save screws and fittings in one place; don't forget to label which furniture they are for!

Once you’ve started taking apart your larger items it’s a good idea to get them protected right away. Although your wardrobe looks just like large planks of wood after being taken down they’re usually quite costly and not something you want to be purchasing new right after you’ve moved house. In a lot of cases, flat-pack furniture is made using compressed timbers that are susceptible to damage in transit.

In order to protect your expensive items we suggest wrapping them with Multi-use Film. Multi-use film is one of the most practical solutions because it uses an ultra-low tack that won’t affect or damage the surface of your items, nor will it leave any residue behind. Multi-use Film is puncture resistant creating an extremely reliable solution to protect your goods during transport.

Another commonly damaged item is the cooker. Although our multi-use film is very durable and ideal for wrapping furniture, we advise using a Hob & Oven Protector before applying any film to your cooker; this will offer instant protection from impact or compression. Our reason being that ovens are much heavier than most items therefore are more likely to get dropped during transit. The oven protector is more costly than alternative means of protection such as Carpet Film but it’s still much cheaper than having to replace your oven. It can also be used again at your new property during any decoration (if needed). 

If you are planning to redecorate, take a look at our Floor Protection for Painting & Decorating guide.

Protecting your bond when moving to a new house

If you’re living in a rented property then you’re probably looking forward to seeing your bond get returned; especially after paying out any admin fees & additional bond at your new property. As you’ll be aware you only receive your bond back if the property is left in the same state that it was when you first started renting. Sadly even if you have recently decorated the property before leaving, most damage happens during the removal process. The best way to avoid damage to the property is to protect it.

If you’re living in a property above ground or you have an upstairs then consider whether your removal men will be travelling up and down the stairs; if so, do you have a handrail that could be in their way? If not, great. If you do have a handrail that could possibly get in the way it’s best to have it protected; usually the heavier items such as wardrobes will still be upstairs and this will help the removal men to safely transport your items downstairs without damaging your handrail in the process. The U-Profile Handrail Protector is one of the cheaper protection materials and is perfect for temporary purposes like moving to a new house. Manufactured from a cushioned, closed cell foam, they effectively absorb shock, making them extremely impact and scratch resistant. The U-profile Handrail is really simple to apply and no tape is required meaning no mess is left behind.

Depending on who you have hired for your removal; some companies are more careful than others so it may be worthwhile protecting your stairs too. Of course you don’t want to end up wrapping the whole place in bubble wrap but for expensive carpeted stairs it might be worthwhile to avoid not receiving bond over mucky tread marks. For this we recommend the Stair Protector FR because it is easy to cut and can be installed & removed within seconds.

For any other carpeted areas you can use Carpet Film Protection which is a low-tack self-adhesive film specifically designed for covering carpets. The Carpet Film Protection comes in lightweight rolls to make application easy. We advise that you only place the film where people will be walking around & moving furniture; this way any leftover film can be used for future decorating – you will also receive a partial leftover roll for post decorating though so don’t worry too much.

If you require any further information on any of the products mentioned above our helpful staff are always available to chat and will be more than happy to help you with your query.

Now you have everything planned, there’s only one thing left to do; get packing!

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