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Guide to Temporary Event Flooring

Temporary Event Flooring Solutions 

Preparing for an event can seem like an endless challenge. Whether you are planning your event activities or arranging a photographer, transportation logistics to the right insurance cover, event planners need an intricate eye for detail to make their event is a success, as even the smallest error could lead to a huge disaster.

Ensuring that health and safety legislation is met is an important part of planning an event. One essential, often overlooked part of health and safety at events is the flooring. This checklist not only aims to help you to reduce slip and trip hazards, but also aims to help you to make sure no damage will come to the area. If you are planning a Party In The Park, a festival or a wedding, indoors or outdoors, you will need to make sure that the flooring of the venue stays protected throughout the duration of the event. Improper or no floor protection during an event can lead to expensive damage.

Event planners across the country are now investing in a range of temporary flooring solutions to ensure that they are not made liable for damage to the facilities or from not taking the proper procedures to prevent slips and trips.  So, please use our checklist on selecting temporary event flooring solutions:

1) Protect the Grass From Cars:

Parking is an overlooked challenge for events. More often than not, fields are converted into temporary car parks with little more than a marshal and some fences to indicate where to park. This leads to lots of mud which results not only in damage to the grass but also makes it a slip hazard.

Protect the grass from becoming a muddy field by investing in an impact resistant grass mat such as TrackTile. TrackTiles are heavy duty, interlocking grass protection mats which are slip resistant even when they get wet. This makes TrackTile perfect for protecting not only the grass, but also for preventing your guests from potential injuries. TrackTile is also reusable, so you can use them for the next event you have planned.

2) Protect the Marquee Floor:

If you have a marquee to protect your guests in case it rains and gets cold, you will want to make sure that the interior of the marquee stays dry. Part of this involves investing in a flooring material which will prevent the floor from becoming wet and muddy. Too often, marquees become a mud pit and the mud stays slippery because the grass does not have enough time to dry out.

Protect the interior of a marquee from becoming a mud pit with a heavy duty marquee floor covering such as Rhino Tile or TrackTile.

3) Protect the Bar Floor:

The area behind a bar is prone to getting alcohol and other liquids spilt all over it. When this floor gets wet, it tends to stay wet and become slippery. So it is essential to ensure that the flooring behind the bar is protected with an anti-slip floor protector to ensure that your staff do not get injured during their shifts.

Protect your staff from slips and trips behind the bar with TrackTile, an anti-slip ground protector. These mats will ensure the area behind the bar is protected throughout the whole of the event and also that any liquid simply goes through to the grass rather than staying on the mats. What is more, TrackTile is reusable and easy to store, so you can use it for any events you have to come.

4) Protect Flowers, Shrubs and Bushes:

Outdoor events can be set in the most beautiful places, many of which are susceptible to be ruined with a heavy footfall. An effective way to prevent damage from heavy footfall is to create a clear temporary walkway. Using TrackTile to build a temporary footpath is a cost effective, polite way to help prevent costly damage to gardens.

5) Protect Inside Buildings

Some events are held in historic buildings with stone or marble floors. These delicate floors require special kinds of protection. Coverguard is a high density, anti-slip floor covering which can protect even the most delicate floors from potential damage. If you are holding an event inside an historic building, we would recommend protecting other areas also, such as doorframes and doors. Please seek advice.

6) Protect Entrance Areas Floors

If you are hiring portable buildings or have a reception area, make sure the carpets don’t get covered in mud and dirt. Opting for Protec’s Heavy Duty Dirt Trap mat is a great way to prevent the dirt ruining the carpet. With 36 peel-away sheets, this means that the mat can stay clean without needing to be washed.

7) Protect Carpets At Your Event

Protect carpeted areas during your event by investing in a high quality adhesive carpet protector. Protec’s Flame Retardant carpet protector, CarpetShield, is Certifire Approved and is a proven Flame Retardant Material. Not only does CarpetShield protect carpets from general wear and tear during your event, it can also be custom printed so you can make a real impact at your event. (subject to minimum volumes)

Other Areas to Protect During Your Event:

It’s not only the floor you need to protect during an event. Our 1000 Gauge Polythene Sheeting is a popular choice for protecting items in transit to and from a festival. Lots of our festival event planners also like to stock up on Proplex, a corrugated plastic floor protector which can be used to protect edges, surfaces and equipment from potential damage. Proplex is stocked in varying thicknesses in sheets as well as convenient 50m rolls.  All grades are available as a Flame Retardant option.  Subject to minimum volumes, Proplex can also be custom printed.  For more information about stocking Proplex for your event, please contact Protec International.

Protec International Ltd can help you to specify which Temporary Protection Materials you will need for inside or outdoor events. Protec International Ltd can also provide you with a range of other solutions for your event, such as printed banners and custom printed flooring. Please contact Protec International Ltd on freephone 0800 834 704 for more information.


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