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Sustainable Supply Chain Infographic

Protec International Ltd is dedicated to providing a more sustainable supply chain for improving the environment of the planet, people and businesses.

As a leading supplier of temporary protection materials with the widest range of LPCB approved flame retardant temporary protection materials in Europe, at Protec International Ltd, we view sustainability as one of our key responsibilities. Protec International Ltd has been working with the construction, trades and DIY industry for more than 20 years, so there is a real need for sustainable temporary protection solutions.

However, Protec International Ltd has always sought innovative solutions to develop a more sustainable supply chain. However, Protec International Ltd,  has found that the momentum of improving our supply chain increased dramatically after joining the supply chain sustainability school in 2012.

Please read on to find out the main challenges in the construction industry for improving supply chain sustainability, a definition of sustainability, about the supply chain school, Protec's sustainability history and our infographic on supply chain sustainability.

Definition of Sustainable Supply Chain Management

When many people think of sustainability, we often think of eco-friendly, green products or waste management. However, sustainability has much more breadth than simply managing carbon footprints. Sustainability is the process of managing and improving environmental, social and economic performance, often broken down into People, Planet and Profit. These key three areas of sustainability have been visually represented below in the infographic to demonstrate their interlinking relationship.

Sustainable Supply Chain Management  means that we are efficiently conserving resources by optimizing our processes. In turn, the effect of this is that it will increase productivity, encourage innovation and promote corporate values. innovating and promoting corporate values.

Challenges for Sustainable Supply Chain Management in the Construction Industry

Many of Protec International Ltd's temporary protection materials product users are in the construction industry, which is facing many challenges.

  • The global construction industry is forecast to grow by over 70% by 2025 which means that Britain will need to maintain our competitive edge in construction by innovating.
  • 10% of the UK emissions are associated with the manufacturing and transport of construction materials and the construction process.
  • The UK's Construction industry uses more than 4 million tonnes of waste materials every year. Waste management is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to supply chain sustainability in the construction industry.

How can Britain maintain our competitive edge in the construction industry? The answer is sustainable supply chain management.

Supply Chain Sustainability School

Protec International Ltd joined the Supply Chain Sustainability School in June 2012 to learn more about implementing sustainability into business practices. The school was founded by Skanska and further developed with industry leaders such as Kier, Morgan Sindall, Carillion, Wilmott Dixon and Aggregate industries to encourage suppliers to develop better sustainability practices and gain better knowledge about client’s requirements and industry compliance. The Supply Chain Sustainability School involves collaboration between individuals and organisations to learn about, share ideas and practices to improve sustainability.

Protec's Supply Chain Sustainability History 

Protec International Ltd is the UK and Europe’s market leading supplier of LPCB approved flame retardant Temporary Protection Materials.  Independently owned, and established for over 20 years, Protec International Ltd has unrivalled experience in construction, building and renovation protection. Many of the leading main contractors and house builders have chosen Protec International Ltd as their preferred partners due to their unrivalled product range. Quality and environmental management are audited and accredited by the BRE to ISO9001 and ISO14001 standards respectively. Protec International Ltd have also taken the lead in environmental, ethical and sustainable issues.

Protec International Ltd is a leading supplier of temporary protection materials to the construction industry. From scaffolding protection to floor protection, key construction leaders have been using Protecs temporary protection materials for more than 20 years.

Protec International Ltd achieved the environmental certification ISO 14001 in November 2011. The ISO 14001 is a British Standard related to environmental management that exists to help organizations minimize how their operations negatively affect the environment and is obtained by less than one per cent of organisations in the UK. Protec International Ltd has since sought new ways to achieve sustainability not only through environmental impact, but also through social and economic strategies.

Working towards sustainability is an ongoing journey and Protec International Ltd is continuously implementing innovative business strategies to improve supply chain sustainability. By regularly reviewing and assessing suppliers, practices and packaging materials, such as reusable pallets and recyclable packaging, Protec International Ltd is committed to achieving the prestigious BS8903 sometime in the future.

The infographic below defines what sustainability is, key facts on what sustainability is, a case study about sustainability and examples of sustainable business practices:

Supply Chain Sustainability

Supply Chain Sustainability

This infographic was created by Protec International Ltd.

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 Supply Chain sustainability is all about managing environmental, social and economic performance. Share this to encourage supply chain sustainability

This infographic was created by Protec International

Sustainable supply chain management Sustainable supply chain management requires planet, people and profit

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