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Quick Drying Area Created with Proplex

Posted in: Date: 27 Jun 2012

Proplex plastic sheeting used as the basis of a screen for a quick drying area for timber products

Recently a timber mouldings company approached us for a solution to help build a quick drying room for their products including Handrails, Timber Columns, Skirtings among other items. The requirement was for plastic sheeting that was lightweight and durable to be used as a screen for the quick drying area. The frame work for the drying area was created using wood and then our Proplex plastic sheeting was used to make the screen by being stapled to the inside of the frame. Another important factor was the need for the material to meet LPS1207 which was met by our Proplex FR grade material. The Proplex was perfect for the job and the client was drying their timber materials in no time, job well done.

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