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Brick Protection

Brick Protection during building work in the rain.

Living in Britain brings its own unique relationship with our unpredictable weather and the effect it has on industries such as building and construction can be rather annoying. One day of glorious sun only to be followed by a day with torrential rain can cause interruptions to build schedules and even damage to things such as masonry and brickwork. A large amount of rain collecting on a roof and then pouring off onto the foundations or other areas can cause excessive amounts of damage and the best way to get around this is to install temporary downpipes onto the roof and guttering and then direct the water to a location on the ground away from vulnerable areas.

The Temporary Downpipe is supplied on a 200m and has a 254mm opening which makes it suitable for almost any downpipe opening. Furthermore the Temporary Downpipe is supplied with 25 350mm Cable Ties to secure the Downpipe to the opening of the guttering down to the size required.

Other popular ways to protect building work during rain is to cover with a tarpaulin. Protec supplies heavy duty tarpaulin sheets which will not tear, are impact resistant and are 100% waterproof.

For further information please contact the Protec Customer Services team on 0800 834 704 or why not order your Downpipe and tarps online today.

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