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Protect Your Home When Having a Party This Christmas

 So you’ve spent a lot of time and money to get your home just right, clean and tidy with floors, walls and finishing of a high standard that makes you proud. The recently laid new floor and custom made carpet are your pride and joy, but you now face a dilemma with the Christmas party season upon us in the desire to entertain friends and family versus the pride in your home;, and fear of damage to your floors.

Protec have spent many years developing our floor protection range to suit a multitude of applications including protecting floors in occupied homes during parties (at Christmas or otherwise). By using Protec's floor protection products you can guarantee that accidental spills and breakages are contained, with the additional benefit of speeding up the cleaning process, when it comes to rolling up the protection the next day.

Depending on the type of floor you have in your home, Protec have a product that will provide protection from the usual party hazards of spills (drink or food), shoes/high heels (dirt, scratches) and breakages. In addition many of the Protec floor protection products can be bought in smaller format rolls more in keeping for smaller domestic applications and storage.

Below are some of the most popular temporary protection choices for domestic flooring applications.

Carpet – Carpet Protector 600mm x 25m, ideal as a temporary protection for carpet as it is easy to apply and remove.

Wooden, Stone, Ceramic and Vinyl Floors – Proplex 2mm or 3mm Sheets 1.22m x 2.44m will provide significant Impact resistance against foot traffic, specifically for dancing and high heeled shoes.


Protec Flooring Heavy 1m x 50m is also a popular floor protection choice for hard floors as it is a soft card protection which will provide a non slip, impact resistant covering over a variety of hard floors at a very economic price.

Protec Tapes can also be used to secure the protection preventing slip and trip hazards with either Cloth Tape or Low Tack Tape.

The protection products above can be used to provide suitable protection to your floors and furthermore many of them are aesthetically pleasing to go unnoticed by your guests.

Temporary protection used to protect your floors during a party will save time and money in cleaning and provide you with peace of mind that your floors will be just as good when the protection is removed as they were when the protection was applied.

For protection advice call Protec FREE on 0800 834704.

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