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How Can I Protect My Floors If I Am Having A House Party?

You’ve got a special occasion coming up, and you’d love to throw a house party to celebrate. But there’s probably one thing that’s holding you back; the damage a party could cause to the floors in your house.

Whether you’ve got carpets, wooden flooring or vinyl tiles, a big party means lots of heavy foot traffic, and lots of potential for scuffs, scrapes, spillages and even holes!

But plan ahead, and you don’t need to worry. You can prevent damage to your floors during a house party with simple and effective temporary protection material. It’s easy to lay, and it means you can relax and enjoy your party, free from any concern about how your floors will look in the morning.


Preventing damage from shoes

If you have wooden or vinyl flooring you’ll know that even normal, day-to-day activities can result in small unwanted scuffs and marks. You soon learn which kinds of shoes are the biggest culprits, and take extra care when wearing them.

But when you’re throwing a party, you don’t know what guests will be wearing and you can’t expect them to take their shoes off at the door. You won’t be able to buff out those scuffs as soon as they’re made either, as you’ll be off hosting and entertaining.

The best way to protect vinyl or wooden floors from scuffs and marks during a house party is with a layer of temporary material that acts as a barrier. Our range of Proplex is a great option for these scenarios, with 2mm or 3mm boards that are really easy to lay.

You can cut them down to the sizes you want with just a Stanley knife, so you won’t need any specialist equipment. Then they just sit on top of your existing floor. Any damage that might happen during the party is done to the Proplex boards, and not the floor underneath.




Protecting vinyl or wooden floors from impact damage

Proplex is also ideal if you’re having a dinner party and are worried about stiletto heels. Could you imagine waking up the next morning to find dents and holes in your beautiful wooden floor?

We recommend a grade of at least 3mm Proplex to protect floors from damage caused by heels. If you want to be extra safe, or if you think guests will be jumping around excessively in their heels, then you can always opt for a thicker 4mm grade. You could even use the sheets for a make-shift dancefloor!

Higher grade Proplex is great for anyone who wants to protect their floors from other impact damage during a party too. Heavy plates can cause problems if they’re dropped mistakenly, and you might have extra tables or chairs on your wooden flooring that could damage the surface.

No great party would be complete without a DJ, some sound equipment and even some high quality lighting! But all the heavy equipment could again mean damage to your floor. The 4mm or 5mm heavy duty Proplex is an ideal option here, as they can withstand extremely heavy loads whilst protecting the floor below.

We’ve used this grade of Proplex to protect a floor from a large digger, which needed to be driven through a house to the back garden, so you can rest assured your floor will be safe from dancers and DJ equipment!


Stopping stains from spilled drinks or muddy feet

Protecting from scrapes and dents is definitely a big priority for wooden or vinyl flooring, but if you’ve got carpet floors, you’ve got two more things to worry about during the party: spilled drinks and muddy feet.

Thankfully there is a great solution here – our specialist carpet protector rolls. All you need to do is roll out the thin plastic film across any carpets that guests will have access to, and in a matter of minutes, the carpet underneath will be protected from spills from drinks and any dirty shoes.




The easy and quick application is just what you need when you’ve got lots to sort out for a party, and the carpet protection rolls are suitable for every type of carpet for short periods of time. The low tack adhesive on the carpet protection film ensures that no residue is left behind when you pull it up afterwards, but be sure you pull the film up the day after the party, within 24 hours, to prevent any unwanted transfers.

Better still, pulling up the carpet protector the next day makes the clean-up process quick and easy!

Our protective film is 80mics (thick) too, which means that it’s not going to rip or tear over the course of a party – even if your dancing’s getting wild or you’re playing party games!


Choosing the right floor protection for your party

You don’t need to worry about damage to flooring during a house party. There’s a huge range of protective materials available, whatever type of floor you have, from hardwood to carpet, softwood to vinyl.

Application is really simple too. Just roll carpet protector film out across the carpet and cut to size. For our Proplex boards, all you need is some cloth tape to secure them to the floor. (If you’re applying tape to finishing surfaces, such as skirting boards, it’s best to use low tack tape first, and the apply cloth tape on top of this if you’re worried about any movement of the boards.)

We stock a number of different sizes and lengths, of both carpet protector film and Proplex temporary floor protection. If you’re not sure exactly which you need, then our expert team will be more than happy to help. 

Just tell us a little about your home, and we’ll advise on the best way to protect your floor from damage during a house party!

Call us free on 0800 834 704, send us an email, or use our live chat function – and let’s get this party started!

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