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Protec's Safety Tips For Bonfire Night

Whether you're organising a large community event this Bonfire Night or just hosting a few friends and family on your lawn, there are precautionary measures you must adhere to in order to remain safe when celebrating Guy Fawkes night.

Whilst we will discuss some important safety measures, another point of consideration is the preservation of your lawn. Bonfire Night falls at that time of year which usually sees its fair share of rain, therefore your lawn or the grass on which you are hosting your display will be in an extremely delicate state. Being trampled upon and stood on for hours whilst toasting some marshmallows or observing the fireworks display will ensure that it is in danger of turning into pure mud.

Follow our guidelines below to ensure you enjoy a safe and successful Bonfire Night this year.

Protect your lawn
Consider protecting your grass with the addition of the TrackTile grass reinforcement mesh, which creates temporary walkways for guests viewing the firework display. These temporary walkways protect the grass from becoming muddy, therefore slippery and dangerous. Laying these tiles before people arrive for the bonfire and fireworks display will protect the grass from any damage, whilst also avoiding potentially dangerous slips and trips.

Use a brazier
If you are only having a small gathering in your back garden, it might be useful to invest in a fire pit or a brazier for your bonfire to avoid scorching your lawn. They are available at most garden centres and can make a useful investment following bonfire night, as you will be able to burn down all of your garden waste in them.

Keep your distance
Ensure that there is at least 10m between the bonfire and the spectators, and the distance between a fireworks display and the spectators is at least 18m. This distance reduces the likelihood of any accidents and helps to maintain the safety of your spectators. If you cannot maintain this distance between then you should reconsider the scale of your event.

Sparkler safety
Children love sparklers as they give a real sense of participation in the fireworks display. Always ensure that sparklers are handled with gloves, and keep a bucket of water nearby for dunking the used sparkler straight into - they retain a lot of heat after they've burned down. Always supervise children whilst they handle sparklers, and avoid putting them on grass once they've been used; they will create a great singed effect!

Water at the ready!
Not only is a bucket of water essential for dropping burned down sparklers into, but it is also necessary in case any fireworks are led astray and need to be put out in an emergency. Take every possible precaution to prevent dangerous situations from arising.

Bonfire Night is a great occasion to ensure with your family and friends, but it is important to adhere to the safety precautions. To ensure your grass remains slip-free buy your TrackTile here or fill in the contact us form to get in touch today.

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