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Protec International Ltd is delighted to be accepted as a Considerate Constructor supplier

Protec Joins the Considerate Constructor's Scheme

The Considerate Constructors Scheme is a non-profit organisation which was founded in 1997 with an ambition of improving the image of the construction industry in the UK. The Considerate Constructors Scheme is endorsed by local authorities, the Government, main contractors and industry leading clients to demonstrate a commitment to positive change in the construction industry.

In order to gain the Considerate Constructors supplier accreditation, registrars must commit to the Code of Practice. The Code of Practice involves five key areas; to care about appearance, respect the community, protect the environment, secure everyone’s safety and value their workforce. Protec International Ltd excelled in all five areas:

Caring About the Appearance on Construction Sites:

Protec International Ltd hopes that the Considerate Constructors scheme will help to promote how temporary protection solutions can be used to improve the appearance of construction sites. For example, Protec International Ltd only supplies high quality solutions such as low-tack adhesive carpet protection film which will not leave a tacky residue on removal. Protec International Ltd offers the construction industry a huge portfolio of innovative solutions which help construction sites to maintain an organised, clean and tidy workspace.

]Protec join the considerate constructors scheme 

Respect the Community:

Protec International Ltd helps construction sites to respect the community by ensuring they have the means to communicate respectfully with the community. For example, Protec International Ltd provides custom printed building site banners which are often used by the construction industry to communicate how long work will be taking place for. Protec International Ltd’s temporary solutions are high quality, digitally printed so it helps to improve the quality of the communications between construction sites and their communities. For more information on Protec's custom printed solutions such as PVC banners and Printed Scaffolding Sheets, please see our entire construction site promotion range here.

Protect the Environment:

Protec International Ltd is also keen to ensure construction sites can effectively reduce their wastage by both sourcing and manufacturing sustainable solutions. For example, Protec International Ltd supplies Rhino Tile, a reusable, recyclable ground protection mat which is manufactured 100% from recycled materials. Rhino Tile is recommended by Protec International Ltd as an alternative to plywood and hardboard floor protection to reduce landfill wastage. Read more on Protec International Ltd’s sustainable temporary protection materials here.

Secure Everyone’s Safety:

Protec International also has an ever-growing range of construction site solutions which help to improve the health and safety on construction sites. For example, Protec International Ltd supplies a portable temporary dust screening system to help reduce the number of construction site employees who contract respiratory diseases; anti-slip floor protection solutions to prevent the high number of injuries on construction sites and high visibility foam scaffolding tubes to help reduce the number of injuries to members of the public. Protec International Ltd is committed to ensuring that construction site employees and the community are safe whilst working in and around construction sites.

Value their Workforce:

Sustainability has long been at the heart of practices at Protec International Ltd; demonstrated by an active sustainability policy dedicated to reducing environmental impact, improving communities and ensuring commercial business growth.  Key to the success of Protec International Ltd is the employees, so we provide a supportive and caring working environment by committing to regularly train employees, ensuring the health and wellbeing of employees is central to any changes in the business and treating all employees fairly.

Want More Information?

As the industry leading supplier of temporary protection materials, Protec International Ltd hopes that by achieving the Considerate Constructor accreditation it will demonstrate to new and existing customers the reliability and excellent service standards that Protec holds in high esteem.

Please call Protec on 0800 834 704 if you need to start getting your temporary protection materials from a considerate supplier.



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