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Protec Flame Retardant LPS1207 Certificated Bubblewrap used by The Royal Shakespeare Company

Protec's products have been used in a number of different, non-traditional ways in the past but as a back drop in a Royal Shakespeare Company production has to be unique. A production of Dr Faustus recently performed at the Swan Theatre in Stratford-Upon-Avon used Protec's Flame Retardant LPS1207 Certificated Bubblewrap as a backdrop.

The Dr Faustus production team approached us with brief to provide a suitable flame retardant material to be secured onto a frame for the backdrop during the production. Initially the production team’s design incorporated standard clear plastic sheeting, however on the advice of the team at Protec this was changed to bubble wrap due to the requirements for the material to be flame retardant and tear-able.

The production manager confirmed that the flame retardant bubble wrap fitted the bill perfectly.

'We used this specific plastic because we needed it to be flame resistant, clear (no colour nor white) and easily tear-able (which it isn’t actually, we cheat and pre-slit it with blades to get it to rip the way we want, but the bubble wrap makes the slit hardly noticeable).

Our original design was for standard clear plastic, but as you know, we couldn’t find a tear-able and clear flame-resistant plastic, therefore this FR Bubble Wrap was a great alternative.

We do project on it at the beginning of the show, before it gets torn.  It takes projection quite well.'

Production Manager - Dr Faustus
Royal Shakespeare Company

Dr Faustus FR Backdrop

 We are always interested in hearing how you have used our products for non-traditional uses.

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