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Proplex Protection for Cable Drum Handling

Proplex - the perfect fit for protecting large cable drums whilst being transported around the world

We recently had a client who was transporting large cable drums globally via various forms of transport whether it be train, lorry or overseas. To protect the cabling a form of sheeting was needed to wrap around the exposed cable and then be secured in place so no damage came to them whilst being traspsorted. Protec's Proplex 2mm Roll is the perfect solution as it is in a continuous sheet that can be wrapped around and then cut off and taped into place when it overlaps.

It is thought that thousands of pounds were saved in meterage of cabling that would have otherwise been damaged and due to the roll width being the perfect size and its ease of application due to the continuous length on the roll and speed compared to alternative solutions Protec's Proplex 2mm Roll will now be the ongoing protection for transportation of large cable drums.

Here is a great photo of it in use.

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