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Proplex is the Bomber: Temporary Protection for Restoration Projects

We’ve all tried our hands at arts, crafts or DIY projects, and we’ve all inevitably made a mess at one time or another. From getting glue on the table because we forgot to put a cloth down, or scratching the floor because we weren’t watching what we were doing with the screwdriver, we’ve all been there.

After trial and error, the conclusion we eventually reach is – “It’s better to be safe than sorry.” For any future craft projects or DIY tasks, we make sure we always put down protective materials before we start.

But covering carpets and protecting tables is fairly simple. What happens when you need to protect the floor of an industrial warehouse so big, you could fit an aeroplane in there?

The Mammoth Task of Restoring a Lancaster Bomber

It’s one thing to protect surfaces at home when you’re making model aircrafts on the kitchen table; restoring a full size, real life Lancaster Bomber is something else entirely!

We often have customers getting in touch with us to ask our specific recommendations on protective materials for a wide variety of tasks, and we’re always happy to advise on the best solutions.

Over the years, we’ve seen all kinds of situations, so we know what the most effective products for the job are. But when this customer told us about his project to restore a Lancaster Bomber to full working order, it was definitely something we hadn’t see before!

We listened to the details of this incredible project, and knew we could help. One of the biggest hurdles to overcome was the fact that the bomber needed to be restored in an indoor location, and that meant hiring a warehouse.

But understandably, the warehouse owner was worried about damage and stains to the floor and surrounding areas, so effective temporary floor protection was required before the project could get underway.

After hearing all the details, we knew we had the perfect product for the task: Proplex, flame retardant 2mm rolls.

 Proplex floor protection underneath Lancaster Bomber

Why Proplex?

  • Installation is quick and simple

Firstly, one of the most important specifications we had was temporary flooring protection that was easy to lay. Given the size of the warehouse, and the need to work around the large Lancaster, the protective material had to be quick and simple to install.

That’s why we recommended Proplex, in large ready-to-go rolls. All our customer had to do was put the roll in position, and roll it out. Cutting is really simple too, and the material is lightweight – which means it’s easy to carry and manoeuvre.

It’s quick, easy and stress free. When you’ve got a big restoration project on your hands, you don’t want to be wasting valuable time on preparation and protection.

  • It’s cost-effective and recyclable

Proplex offers excellent value for money as well. If you’ve ever worked on any kind of personal craft project, you’ll know costs can mount up, so you always need to watch your budget.

The great thing about Proplex is that the material is fully recyclable too, so you can use it again if you’re a regular DIYer or hobbyist – or if you need to restore another aircraft! If not, you’ll know you’re doing your part for the planet as it gets recycled, and not sent to landfill.

  • It does the job

Cost savings and recyclability is great, but what matters more than anything is how effective the protective material is. And Proplex is certainly up to the task.

The corrugated plastic surface is strong and durable, so you don’t need to worry about damage from foot traffic, or unsightly scuffs and scrapes that can be difficult to clean.

The floor underneath will also be protected from any oil or paint spills too, as Proplex is waterproof and chemical resistant. This is especially important when you’re restoring and re-painting a Lancaster Bomber!

Whatever work needed to be done on the aircraft, the warehouse floor was protected from any spillages, any accidental damage and any scuffs from the scaffolding towers that were erected as well.


Whatever the size, we can help

On a restoration project of this size, it’s not just the floor you need to protect. For example, paint has a habit of getting everywhere, so we supplied polythene sheeting which could be hung around the bomber, creating a smaller work environment and protecting the rest of the hanger.

Along with the Proplex protective flooring and polythene sheeting, we also helped to prevent any damage or accidents during the restoration project with:

As you can see from the pictures, the material was extremely effective at protecting the hanger floor, and the warehouse owner was more than happy to let the full restoration of the plane take place.

So whether you’re working on a full-size Lancaster Bomber in a warehouse or a model Spitfire on your table, we can make sure you have all the right protective materials for your restoration project.

Just give our expert team a call, let us know the scope of your plans, and we’ll be more than happy to advise you on best products for the job.

Call us today on 0800 834 704 or get in touch here.

Lancaster Bomber restoration protection

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