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Wind friendly Construction hoarding for your site fencing

Fencing Screen from Protec offers Branded Construction Hoarding.



For many years the UK housing and construction industry has tended to favour wooden hoardings or plain debris netting on the site boundary with neighbouring public land and property. Different forms of advertising have been developed over this time such as PVC printed banners or stickers and it is through this demand for a durable site screening material which is able to incorporate an advertising message or company brand that Protec developed the vented fence screening.

The primary benefit of the Vented Fencing Screen are similar to that of Debris netting in that it’s “netted” structure allows wind to defuse through the screen rather than being rebuffed by a solid screen (such as scaffold sheeting) which causes force on the fencing. In many instances site fencing could be blown over or sheeting torn through the force of the wind on an un-vented material.

Supplied in a white polypropylene 1.85m x 50m roll the Vented Temporary Fencing Screen has a distinct advantage over conventional debris netting in that its tight central weave allows a company to have their logo or message printed along the centre of the roll for as little as 50 rolls production.

As a weather resistant material this can ensure that a company using the branded version of the Vented Fencing Screen can display their logo on site through all seasons.

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