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Gardening And Landscaping: Avoid Common Mistakes And Prevent Unwanted Damage!

This is part 2 in our series of blogs on home improvement work, and how to protect your home from mishaps! Part 1 is How to protect your home from painting and decorating mishaps if you missed it.

When the weather brightens up and turns dry (if we’re lucky) you might be focusing your attention on outdoor painting – fences, sheds and decking!

After you’ve freshened outside up with a splash of colour or protective coating, your thoughts probably turn to the rest of your garden. A lawn that needs tidying, flower beds that need reshaping, and any other areas of the garden that have been abandoned to wildlife over the winter. 

Those projects often involve lots of digging, shifting, breaking up, and re-planting – a favourite pastime for DIYers during those spring weekends. But of course, the ideas in our head are often not the reality, and it’s easy to run into problems.

So here are our top tips on heading those problems off before they occur, with the right planning, and the right temporary protection materials.

Be careful on drenched, water logged lawns

One of the most common pitfalls you might face is a water-logged lawn. The winter is never kind to grass, but it’s easy to forget just how much rain has fallen over the last few months and soaked into the grass.

Until that is, you’re walking back and forth across it tending to flower beds, when suddenly you look down and realise you’ve churned up the lawn into one giant mud pit! And where does that mud usually end up? Inside the house of course!

If you are planning on doing a fair amount of work in the garden, and you want to keep your lawn green and grassy as opposed to brown and muddy, then you should consider covering it and protecting it so you can walk on it without worry.

Rhino Tiles are a great, heavy duty option for this, and will help to minimise the spread of mud. To stop any unwanted muck getting into the house though, you should also think about a good dirt trap mat. It will save a lot of unnecessary cleaning up afterwards.

Don’t underestimate the time needed for landscaping takes

We’re all guilty of thinking a project looks and sounds easy until we actually get stuck in, and gardening DIY projects are very often underestimated. Digging up that pond, laying that new gravel – it will only take a few hours right?

Unfortunately, you’re likely to need a couple of days, if not more, for any substantial gardening DIY task, and that means leaving materials to the whim of the British weather overnight.

One bit of rain, and you might find your soil, sand and tools are ruined. Since you can’t really store a huge pile of sand inside a garage, you might want to think about some good, strong, waterproof tarpauling that can’t be used to cover everything over night – or until the next weekend when you can get back out into the garden.

Prepare for heavy rubbish

Another area that’s often overlooked when it comes to gardening is the amount of rubbish you generate – and how heavy that is! You should definitely prepare and plan for a tip trip!

Of course, getting the rubbish to the tip and back is a big task. If you’re clearing out large amounts of soil, lots of old wood, or any kind of paving or gravel, then you’re definitely going to need a heavy duty rubble bag to pile it all into.

The last thing you want is buckets cracking or bags ripping when you’re trying to carry rubbish around to the bins or your car.

Plan ahead, whatever you’re doing in the garden

There’s nothing more satisfying than being outdoors in your own garden, and making it look beautiful. Or turning some wasted space into a football pitch for the kids – whatever you want to do!

With any task, big or small, it’s important to plan ahead. You will thank yourself for doing it, and definitely prevent a number of unnecessary problems and stresses!

If you want to get a digger in your back garden, or just need a protective cover for you decking, our expert team can help.

Give them a call on 0800 834 704 or send them an email, and they’ll be able to advise you on the best ways to protect your garden from any unwanted damage.


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