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Guide to Preparing for a Kitchen Renovation

How to prepare your kitchen for a renovation project

If you are planning a new kitchen, you should probably read Which?'s fantastic guide to get a good idea of what you need to know to make a kitchen renovation a success. However, one thing Which?'s guide does not cover is which temporary protection materials you will need in order to protect the parts of your kitchen you either are not changing or once they have been changed, to finish off the work around it.

New kitchen and bathroom installations can be very costly. An architect was referred to Protec International Ltd because he had a brand new beautiful kitchen installed, but when he was fitting the new sink, he dropped the kitchen sink on the expensive new kitchen floor tiles, creating a huge dent and causing hundreds of pounds worth of damage. He needed to take everything out. This was both costly and time-consuming. The architect installed everything again.

That's where Protec's Temporary Protection Solutions came in. Protec's range of temporary protection materials ensured nothing else got damaged and the architect promised he would never do another project without first making sure he consulted Protec.

This checklist of 8 items is perfect for making sure you have everything covered when you get a new kitchen installed.

1) Cabinets – Protect your cabinets with Protective films or a heavier duty self-adhesive bubblewrap.

2) Appliances – Protect your dishwasher, washing machine and cooker when you get any work done on your kitchen with the purpose designed appliance protector. It saves time, and if you are a kitchen installer, can be reused for your next project or recycled.

3) Worktops  Prevent accidental damage from trades with Proplex, a highly durable material which has many applications. 

4) Sinks - Protect sinks from damage during building, construction and refurbishment projects with Protec Flame Retardant Sink Protectors. Protec Flame Retardant Sink Protectors are inexpensive, re-usable and simple to install.

5) Hob and Oven Protectors- Don't forget to protect your oven and hobs! Protec’s Oven and Hob Protectors provide an inexpensive and re-usable method of protecting your electrical kitchen appliances. They are purpose made to provide complete protection caused by damage or debris during construction and refurbishment projects. Oven and Hob Protectors are custom-manufactured from heavy duty corrugated plastic sheets. This provides excellent resistance to spillage, compression or impact. Pre-creased, with lockable tabs, the Hob and Oven Protectors are simple to assemble and install on site.

6) Temporary Floor Protection - Breathershield is the perfect multi-purpose floor protector which is breathable, for example, if you have a newly tiled floor the floor can continue to cure whilst you work over the top. This will speed up your kitchen installation and with over 100m of it, you can use it for many projects in the future.

7) Door Frame Protectors - Don't underestimate the power of these simple, foam door jamb protectors. They'll protect your door frames from even the most heavy objects.

8) Fridge - Protect your fridge during a renovation project with Protec's Proplex Sheets

Thought of anything else we need for bathroom or kitchen temporary protection? Please leave us a message or contact Protec International for more information on preparing for your kitchen renovation project.


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