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16 PeelGard Uses: The Spray-On, Peel-off Protector

PeelGard - Spray-on Coatings for Temporary Window Protection, Masking, Decoration and Long-Term Preservation

Protec have offered PeelGard as part of their temporary protection range for a while now and is very popular as a coating to temporarily protect windows and glazing. What is not known is that PeelGard works great on virtually all non-porous surfaces. This means that PeelGard is a great option when meeting the demand of many industrial applications, not just surface protection, but also masking, decoration, and long term preservation.

PeelGard is a peelable protective coating designed for internal use on most non-porous surfaces such as; plastics, acrylics, marble, work surfaces, stainless steel, concrete, lacquered flooring, tiles and paintwork. It protects against damage such as scratches, surface abrasion, staining, spillages and paint and cement spatter for up to 24 months and can also be made waterproof. The environmentally friendly coating is applied as a liquid by spray or roller and dry to form a skin-tight, plastic film meaning no adhesive residue which, can be easily stripped away.

temporary protection

Due to its high level of durability, when dry, the coating can then be painted over meaning a logo or message can be applied via stencil for promotional or advertising purposes. Sports stadiums also use this regularly to temporarily hide certain advertising for specific events etc, this has proven particularly popular with the upcoming London Olympics.

So whether it is an original floor that needs convenient, long lasting temporary protection which can be easily painted onto and then removed or glass/glazing which needs protection against knocks and scratches on the construction site PeelGard is a great and flexible solution.

PeelGard can be used for:

  1. Window & door protection
  2. Protection during building construction
  3. Protection during boat building
  4. Protection during ship building
  5. Temporary decoration
  6. Floor protection
  7. Protection during transport
  8. Long term preservation & "mothballing"
  9. Nuclear & Asbestos tie down
  10. Paint overspray mask
  11. External component & mould protection
  12. Chemical Etching & Milling masks
  13. Temporary advertising
  14. Camouflage & paint protection
  15. Aircraft canopies
  16. Environmental cleaning solutions

For more information on PeelGard for the above mentioned applications please call our enquiries team at 0800 834 704.

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