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The Best Party Proof Carpet Protector

Party Carpet Protector

If you're having a house party then we have a range of products which can help protect your home and belongings from accidents.

One of the main concerns for protecting your home is protecting carpets. They can be easily damaged by dirty shoes and food or drink spillage, often leading to irreparable damage depending on the carpet. You can avoid this by using a range of floor protector products from Protec.

Our versatile Carpet Protector can protect a floor from all sorts of damage, including heavy foot traffic and drinks spillages. The floor protector is designed to be used to protect carpets in construction environments, so it can easily manage a house party!

The floor protector is 80mics (thick) so it wont rip or tear easily with the expected foot traffic, a game of Twister, or Drinking games!

The floor protector is a self-adhesive low-tack protection film ideal for quick and easy use on carpets. The low-tack adhesive means that even though it sticks well to the carpet, it won't leave any residue once it is removed. It is available in four sizes:

  • Standard (600mm x 100m)
  • Standard (800mm x 25m)
  • Wide (800mm x 100m)
  • Extra Wide (1200mm x 100m)


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