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Knocking a wall down? Use Zipwall to stop the dust and debris spreading

Posted in: Products Help & Advice Date: 08 Oct 2011
zipdoor door protection

When knocking down a temporary stud wall in the home, use ZipWall to ensure dust and debris do not spread beyond the immediate work area.


Such problems can occur when knocking through something like plaster board or brick, which is going to be dusty. To stop the spread throughout the house the 'Zippole' Kit can be used to screen off any doorways.

The ZipPole Kit is quick and easy to install with minimal fuss, and with the aid of the ‘zipper kit’, access is easy through the sheeting without having to take it down each time. This guarantees you overall protection of the room whilst still facilitating movement between the sheet.

ZipDoor - Closed
ZipDoor - Closed
ZipDoor - Closed
ZipDoor - Open

Don't forget, Protec Rubble bags will also come in handy to safely clear away the rubble!

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