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Protect Doors & Carpets While Decorating & Painting

1. Protecting Doors While Painting Door Frames.

door protection

Door frame protectors are essential as they often get discoloured and need re-painting. Protec's Door Protection Sleeves slide over doors and protect from various damage such as paint but we've found it is also great for protecting from scratches when moving furniture through doorways.

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2. Protect carpets from paint!

carpet protection

Whether you will be painting a room with hard wooden flooring or decorating a living room with a carpet, not taking precautionary care when you are decorating can lead to expensive repairs from either paint accidents or even from wallpaper glue spilling. Getting these products out of carpets, vinyl flooring and wooden floors can be a nightmare. Dust sheets or newspaper can sometimes suffice but the former can often be a trip hazard while the latter can actually end up making more mess than if not used! Protec stock various floor protection whether it's for wood or carpets that is easy to apply, quick, efficient and leaves your floors free from paint spills and worse!

3. Low-Tack Tape For Taping Off Fixtures

Adhesive tape for finished surfaces

Tape is a great solution for covering specific areas or fixings such as skirting boards, shelves which are attached to the walls, protecting around plug sockets and around radiators, so you don't have to worry about having too much of a steady hand when you are painting right to the edge. Although adhesive masking tapes are useful when decorating, people don't choose tapes carefully. Choosing a Low tack tape is the best solution to ensure that your finished result doesn't have flakes of paint missing! Protec's Ultra Low Tack Tape comes in a 100m roll, so you can use it again and again. Order today before 5pm and receive tomorrow.

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4. Stay Clean!

shoe coverings

While working with paint or other potentially messy substances then it is easy for the mess to spread. You can safeguard your working area and surrounding house from this by using overshoes and trapmats when leaving a room. This means any dirt accumulated won't be spread from room to room and contains the mess!

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