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How to Protect a Newly Installed Screed Floor

This is how one of our customer’s protects their newly installed screed flooring. How do you protect your newly layed floors?

1. Ideally do not place anything on the floor for up to 7 days during initial curing

2. Do not attempt to clean the floor in the first 7 days

3. After 7 days you may lay ProFloor Flooring Protector (Heavy Duty) or Proplex 2mm Flame Retardant Sheets. For alternative UK products try:

4. Ensure the rolls/sheets are tightly butted together (no gaps or exposed concrete)

5. Ensure you securely tape the joints between rolls/sheets

6. Tape the rolls/sheets at perimeter edges leaving no gaps or floor exposed

7. If the rolls/sheets move and expose the floor surface, recover ensuring all the floor is protected with no gaps

8. Leave rolls/sheets in place for a period of approx. 21 days after installing them (i.e. 28 days from when the floor was installed)

9. 3 days prior to our return visit to polish, remove protection and mop the floor using cold clean water and allow to dry thoroughly

10. Leave the floor free from traffic for the 48 hour period before polishing

11. The floor should now be ready for diamond polishing

We are always interested to hear how you protect areas from damage during building or renovation work.

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