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How to Prevent Adhesive Tape Damage on Veneer Doors

Ever experienced a problem with adhesive tape damage to veneer doors?

There is a way to protect to your veneer doors from damage adhesive tape can cause; Protective Door Sleeves.

What are they and how do they work?

Protective Polyethylene sleeves sealed on one long edge and across the top and bottom, with an open long edge on one side for quick installation. Protec Door Sleeves are white in colour to prevent light transfer issues associated with translucent/opaque alternatives.

The sleeves are also available as a Flame Retardant, LPS1207 certified (FR) option or as a non FR version. The FR door sleeves measure 2.2m x 1.1m  and are manufactured from a heavy duty 75mu polyethylene film. The non FR sleeves measure 2m x 0.85m and are also manufactured from a heavy duty 75mu polyethylene film.

Protec Door Sleeves are packed in convenient rolls, each sleeve has a perforated edge allowing easy removal. The FR door sleeves are available in packs of 20, with the non FR door sleeves available in packs of 25.

The Benefits:

    1. Application is quick and simple and requires no additional fixing, just open the unsealed long edge and place over the door edge until the sleeve is comfortably in position and can be moved across into place covering entire door.
    2. If deemed necessary, the sleeves can be cut to allow for in-situ door furniture.
    3. Additional Twinwall "Proplex" impact protection can be safely added by either inserting the sheets inside the sleeves or by fixing the sheets to the outer face of the sleeves avoiding contact with the door itself.
    4. After use, Protec Door Sleeves, manufactured from LDPE can be recycled.

For a sample Protec Door Sleeve or for more information on door protection including how to protect external doors, door frames or for volume pricing call our enquiries team on 0800 834 704 FREE!



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