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How to Build Stage Scenery with Proplex

How to Build Stage Scenery with Proplex

There have been various blogs in the past on theatres using our products to help make various scenery and props for their productions and we are now able to relay some of their advice to other designers who are looking to use Proplex Plastic Sheeting for their projects. Usually Proplex is used for Surface Protection but Mike Rogers used it for a great material for making stage scenery and here is what he had to say.

‘Borrowing an idea suggested by another drama group who used Correx for scenery building, I needed to find a comparable product to cover a wooden framework to make light, portable triangle flat units on castors (3 faces 2 x 1 m each with a different design on each).

 I decided to use 3mm Proplex, because it was competitive in price and less than half the cost of plywood. It proved to be an excellent choice, being easy to cut, fix and decorate. I tried using staples to fix the sheets to the wooden framework but found that they sprung too easily and that one inch round nails with heads were more effective. Finishing the surfaces proved less of a problem than I anticipated: they were either painted with matt emulsion paint or covered with wallpaper. I prepared the surface for painting by using a medium abrasive, which definitely improved adhesion. The 3mm Proplex proved adequately firm for the units; however, I also used a number of 4mm sheets, which improved the stability. I would probably use these another time. The lightness of the material was a real benefit, and scene changes (involving two units) were achieved in less than ten seconds, which brought one critic to say that the idea was ‘incredibly innovative’. Moving the furniture on the set took quite a bit longer!’

Mike Rogers (Designer)

Thanks to Mike for giving us some of his feedback and providing some useful information on using Proplex for stage scenery.

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