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How much time and money do you waste on costly remedial work?

On-site damage to windows or frames can often result in expensive cleaning or repair costs, extreme damage can require complete replacement, resulting in long and costly contract delays. One of Protec's solutions to protecting the glazing and frames on construction and renovation sites is PeelGard, a specially developed spray or roll on protective coating, which when dry will offer protection for up to 12 months . One of our customers, who specialise in building luxury apartments has seen their costs for repairing scratches fall from £30,000 to zero from utilising PeelGard on their projects.

How to protect your glazing using PeelGard.

Firstly, speak to a member of the team at Protec, call freephone 0800 834 704 or 01625 855 600 to check the suitability based on, frame type, glass coatings etc. For large volumes we can also offer an on-site demonstration to train the installers.

Getting started

  • Mask-off around the window with PeelGard tape to prevent over spray onto brickwork.
  • Using low tack tape mask-off all areas you don’t intend to coat with PeelGard, e.g. locks, handles and vents.
  • Protect the sill using Protec’s Sill Protector Packs trim to size and secure with low tack tape.
  • Use an airless spray system or lambswool roller to apply.
  • Use a piece of Proplex to shield from over spray. Spray horizontally and vertically to ensure correct thickness is applied.
  • Use the wet film gauge to coating weight. If it is too thin then re-coat.
  • The window is now protected. The PeelGard can be left in place for up to 12 months on site.

For full installation steps please request a copy of our application guide via

Removing PeelGard

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