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Fitting Skirting Boards

Fitting Skirting Boards can be Challenging, Check this out to make it easier.

Our ZipWall props are the perfect solution for temporary screening applications however the telescopic nature of the props makes them very versatile and great for a range of other applications.

One customer who we supply temporary protection material to uses ZipWall for a very different application when doing refurbishments in residential settings particularly when tiling or fixing new skirting boards. The problem he had was making sure the skirting boards or tiles were held in place while drying and discovered simply extending a ZipWall prop across the length of the room and butting each end against either side of the room's walls and skirting board or tile the prop will hold them in position.

Here is a great photo taken demonstrating the method.

securing tiles or skirting boards in place while drying

Our Zipwall props are available in 3m, 3.6m and 6m sizes so will extend across most residential rooms.

If you want to learn more information about ZipWall for temporary screening or its many other convenient uses then please give our enquiries team a call on 0800 834 704

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