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High Winds and Scaffold Protection

Protective Scaffolding Supplies.

Scaffold Sheeting

The recent high winds and storms that have affected almost every corner of the UK has brought to light the issues that face many construction sites when the weather takes a turn for the worse. High winds, in addition to the potential structural damage they can cause, can be particularly problematical with most temporary protection materials in that the usually light protection if not secured properly is likely to be blown around site and thus failing to protect the areas that it is intended to.

Protec Scaffold BannersScaffold Sheeting and Vented Temporary Fencing Screen are products that are more susceptible to damage and displacement by high winds as they are external protection products designed for screening, containment and protection against the weather.

Vented Temporary Fencing Screen

The Protec Scaffold sheeting is manufactured with reinforcement bands on the top, middle and bottom of the sheeting with sealed eyelets that can be broken through and used where applicable with the Elasticated scaffold ties. As part of the BS7955 standard to which the Proscaff conforms the sheeting and ties are actually designed to break away from the scaffold structure under high wind to prevent it from acting like a sail and pulling the scaffold structure over. Usually the ties will break in specific areas of strain and can then be easily replaced with new ties.

The Vented Fencing Screen by contrast to the Proscaff is a different product but faces similar problems at ground level when secured to site fencing. This product is manufactured with a solid band on the top and bottom of the sheeting and although vented to allow air flow, under high wind, may pull the fencing over if it isn’t securely anchored. Whilst the Vented Fencing is conventionally secured with Nylon cable ties it may be an idea to use the same Elasticated Scaffold ties as used with the Proscaff as these will allow the fencing screen to move and further disperse gusts of wind rather than rigidly acting as an obstacle to be blown over or ripped.

Debris Netting 

Protec Debris Netting and Scaffold Netting - Scaffnet FR is also an external product to consider in these types of applications as it is designed for external use. Whilst Debris Netting is a lighter form of protection it will still catch in the wind and if not correctly secured may rip or break free from the scaffold or Fencing it’s secured to.

Top tips for successfully keeping your sheeting maintained in high winds are:

  • Use the correct ties, Elasticated Scaffold Ties for Proscaff Scaffold Sheeting and Vented Fencing that is liable to be exposed to high winds.
  • If working on a scaffold ensure that it is designed to take the added load of scaffold sheeting or debris netting.
  • Space ties at equal intervals, a ratio of 150 ties for every roll of sheeting is a good ratio to work with.
  • On Site Fencing ensure that it is adequately anchored into the ground.
  • Promptly replace broken ties to prevent further damage to the screening.
  • Ensure that Scaffold sheeting is not over stretched as this will reduce the amount of force required to break ties.
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