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Floor Protection for Parties and Events

With Halloween, Bonfire Night and the Festive Period fast approaching, it can be a busy time catching up with family and friends. House parties are a great way to get everyone together and celebrate, but there’s the small task of cleaning up afterwards.

Carpets, hardwood flooring and tiled floors are all susceptible to damage during parties, thanks to heavy footfall, dropped food and drinks spillages, with some damage being beyond repair.

Furniture is another key area to think about when planning your parties; it’s easy for a guest to stain a sofa or scratch a chair or table.

Although you can’t feasibly plan for every eventuality, some preparation beforehand, using temporary protection materials, can help save money and hard work during the party season.

Our latest blog looks at some of the key areas of the house to consider when planning for a party, as well as our recommended products that will make your life easier and help prevent lasting damage.

Protecting Carpets

Spilled drinks, party food and footwear can badly stain carpets during parties, particularly with increased foot traffic, as spills and dirt can be further tread in.

Our CarpetshieldFR can minimise risk, by covering carpets entirely and providing a protective, waterproof barrier. The low tack backing removes the need for taping, enabling you to cover your carpet quickly, perfect during the stressful party planning stage.

CarpetSheildFR is an unintrusive, clear film that is also flame retardant; a must if you have lights or candles at your house party.

CarpetshieldFR is also designed to leave no adhesive residue behind, simply peel away and discard it after your party to return your house back to normal with minimum fuss!

Protection for Wooden Flooring and Tiles

Although harder surfaced floors are easier to protect from spillages, as they can generally be cleaned up quickly, with very little staining (apart from some lighter wooden floors), they are at risk of scratching, which can either be expensive or impossible to remove.

On harder flooring, a thicker protection is recommended. Proplex sheets come in 2-5mm thicknesses, are hard wearing and resistant to impact. Proplex sheets can also be cut to shape, which means they can fit anywhere in the home; reducing trip hazards and avoiding any falls at your house party.

Protec also have a range of recycled Proplex sheeting available, to keep your party environmentally conscious.

Don’t Forget the Garden!

At this time of year, it’s highly unlikely you’ll be partying outside whilst enjoying a fireworks display, meaning your guests will be coming and going. Using TrackTiles on any grassed area can prevent your garden becoming waterlogged and damaged. You could also use a Trap Mat inside your door to ensure dirt is not transported into your home.

Thanks for reading, we hope you found this helpful and now understand how flexible our products are so you can keep your house in good shape during the party season. If you do need any further information, our helpful staff are always available to chat.

Now you have everything planned, there’s only one thing left to do; enjoy yourself!

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