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Floor Protection for Painting & Decorating

As we settle in to 2019, refreshing your home by painting and decorating is becoming a priority in homes across the country.

Updating colour schemes and renovating tired rooms is a great way to freshen things up and add value to your home; but preparations tend to focus on choosing paints, picking accessories and finishing touches, leaving protecting floor coverings, delicate surfaces and furniture being overlooked.

Furniture, surfaces, carpets, flooring and tiles are all at risk from spills, stains and accidental damage, caused by knocking over paint cans and drips from brushes. If not properly protected, this can have major cost implications and could result in irreparable damage.

When properly prepared and by using the correct temporary protection materials it is possible to prevent accidental damage, save time, money and hassle with your decorating project.

Here are our top temporary protection products you need wen decorating

Protecting Carpets

It is cheap and easy to throw down an old sheet, but paint will quickly soak through the sheet ruining the carpet beneath. Use one of our Carpet Protection Films such as CarpetShield to eliminate the risk of damage from roller splatter, drips and spills.

Our Carpet Protection Films are self-adhesive and provide a complete barrier over your whole carpet. They are quick and easy to fit and remove allowing you to get on with your decorating project quickly and with confidence.

Protecting Wood Flooring and Tiles

We recommend using a thicker protection on solid, polished surfaces. Proplex sheets can be quickly and easily laid over any flooring. They can be cut to fit around doorways and radiators, providing durable coverage. Simply secure using an adhesive tape to guarantee a completely sealed protective barrier that even protects from scratches when using ladders.

Protecting Furniture

Preparation often involves a lot of sanding and sweeping, so covering furniture protects everything from dust as well as the risk of damage from paint stains. We always recommend moving furniture away from walls to the middle of the room if it cannot be removed completely, to reduce the risk of paint staining.

By covering your furniture with either dust sheets or polythene sheeting you can eliminate damage from paint specks and make clean up much easier.

Protecting Kitchens and Worktops

Using Proplex sheets is an ideal solution for worktop and appliance protection as it can be cut around sinks and hobs, is easy to fit and remove whilst offering excellent protection against any damage.

For quicker application we offer a range of hob and oven protectors and Proplex is also available in rolls providing additional flexibility, which is perfect for confined spaces or awkward corners.

Protecting Bathroom Suites

We offer a range of bathroom protectors covering everything from toilet cisterns, to sinks, baths and bidets, offering complete protection from spillages but also from impact from dropped tools or falling tiles.

We’re Here to Help

We hope this helps you plan and prepare for your next decorating project. It really is well worth properly protecting your home when picking up your paint brush, to save time, money and effort.

If you’re still unsure, or have questions, get in touch with our team; we’re always happy to help!


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