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Fitting a New Kitchen? Protecting Your Investment

Protec are proud to offer a full range of protection solutions for all fit-outs and re-fits and one of the most popular calls from house holders is with regards to protecting during the installation of a new kitchen.

Kitchen Protection

A variety of protection scenarios may exist depending on the size of the Kitchen and whether there are other works being carried out in the house at the same time but some of the most popular protection products for Kitchen protection are suggested below.

  • Protec Flooring Heavy 1m x 50m: A handy size roll ideal for all types of flooring but specifically ceramic tiled floors. Protec Flooring is a very durable and absorbent card flooring that provides impact resistance and also a soft non scratch barrier on surfaces that it’s protecting. This product is also frequently used on worktops as a form of protection that can be folded down over the face of kitchen cabinets. Apart from protecting against foot traffic, Protec Flooring will also protect against paint, dirt and plaster splashes.
    Proplex 3mm
  • Proplex 2mm and 3mm sheets 1.22m x 2.44m: As a corrugated, polypropylene sheet Proplex provides impact resistance against medium to heavy traffic when used as floor protection and also a superb impact resistant barrier when used as worktop protection. Proplex can be scored and folded to effectively create a full protection cover for your kitchen worktops and units. White Low Tack Tape can be used to hold the protection in place.
  • Multi Use Film 600mm x 100m: The Multi Use film is a useful product for a number of applications whether wrapping furniture or units to protect from paint and dust or even for protecting hard floors, it’s low tack adhesive will hold it in place for up to 4 weeks.
  • Edge Protection: Protec offer the Rigid Edge Protector, Flexible Edge Protector and Edge Protector FR which are ideal for protecting the edges of white goods, kitchen units and archways/door frames.
  • Self Adhesive Bubblewrap: An Ideal form of self adhesive wrapping for unit handles, taps and even for doubling protection on worktops and white goods plus it’s self adhesive quality negates the need for tape.

Using combinations of the above products a Kitchen area can be protected throughout the build process to ensure existing and new features are in perfect condition upon completion of the project.

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