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Fire Prevention on Construction Sites

The Use of LPS 1207 and LPS 1215 Flame Retardant Temporary Protection Materials on Construction Sites

LPS 1207 Scaffold Sheeting

LPCB approved Flame retardant scaffold sheeting vs non LPCB approved scaffold sheeting. Click here for full video.

Protec International Ltd is proud to have been invited to attend and exhibit at BRE Global Ltd’s event on managing the risk of construction site fires of scaffolding cladding and internal protective covering materials in Watford to industry leading contractors and insurance clients.

BRE Global works to ensure that fire, security, environmental and other products and services provide the quality of performance they should. After an increasing number of construction site fires during the build process causing injury and death of employees and members of the public, BRE introduced the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB), to ensure quality flame retardant temporary protection materials are used on construction sites.

Protec International Ltd is Europe’s largest supplier and manufacturer of LPCB approved external and internal protective materials. Two of the LPCB certification standards are LPS 1207 and LPS 1215.  LPS 1207 is the standard which sets out flame retardant requirements for materials used to temporarily protect the interior of construction sites during the build process, such as Protec’s Coverguard Heavy Duty Floor Protector and Flame Retardant Door Sleeves. LPS 1215 is the standard which sets out flame retardant requirements of the materials used to protect scaffold cladding, such as Protec’s Proscaff FR Scaffolding Sheets and Digiscaff FR Scaffold Sheeting. The LPCB horseshoe logo can be found on any LPCB approved product.

Construction site Fires

Edit Fillingham, Key Account Manager at Protec International Ltd explains: “Every year, there are a number of construction site and building fires which result in uninsured losses caused by non-compliant, non-approved flame retardant temporary protection materials. Non-approved flame retardant temporary protection materials cause the construction industry to loose millions of pounds in insurance claims every year. The exhibition gave us a great opportunity to raise awareness of the importance of choosing a LPCB approved supplier.”

LPS 1215 and LPS 1207"

LPS 1207 logo for preventing fires on the interior of new buildings and LPS 1215 for the external scaffold cladding of buildings.

Ensuring temporary protection materials are LPCB certified not only helps to support insurance claims should there be a construction fire, it also helps limit the chance of a fire spreading  because LPCB approval ensures the product will not add to the spread of the fire. Certifire is also an equivalent third party certification, which alongside LPS 1207 is permissible for temporary protective materials used internally on construction sites or buildings undergoing refurbishment.

Read more about flame retardant certification or for further details about conformance as required by BRE, please contact Protec’s sales team on 0800 834704 for full details and we will be happy to provide you with further information. Alternatively, for more information, please visit BRE red book.

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