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DIY and Home Improvements: Is your house protected from accidents and mistakes?

Are you a budding DIYer?

Do you want to spruce up your home and make some much needed improvements inside and outside?

Are you looking to save money, and do the basic painting, decorating, fixing and tiling yourself? 

DIY is one the nation’s favourite pastimes. We all love getting stuck in, making the changes that can transform our rooms or gardens, and bringing a new lease of life to our home. We want to update furnishings, replace peeling paintwork, overhaul the garden, and generally just pick up our brushes and hammers to get busy.

But most of us doing DIY are amateurs, and it’s all too easy for us to make little mistakes or trip up with a careless accident. What was a simple task could become a nightmare!


That’s why it’s important to protect your house before you start!

Dropped hammers, splashed paint and scratches from moving furniture could cost you a fortune in repairs. Suddenly all the hard work you’ve put into your home seems wasted. 

But we want to help you avoid some of the common mistakes, and stay clear of the pitfalls you might face.

With a little planning ahead of time, and a few simple pieces of temporary protection, you can protect your floors, walls, and furnishings from careless mistakes.


Save time, hassle and expense with our top tips and suggestions

We’ve put together a series of posts on DIY and home improvements, including some of the top projects we like to carry out at home, and why problems can sometimes develop.

We’ll be sharing 5 different posts over the next few weeks on:

  1. How to protect your home from painting and decorating mishaps
  2. Avoiding common mistakes and unwanted damage when gardening and landscaping
  3. Preventing damage to kitchens and bathrooms with DIY tiling
  4. How to lay new flooring effectively, without causing any damage
  5. Protecting furniture when rearranging rooms or moving house

Each post lists some of the most common mistakes with DIY, and how to avoid them. Hopefully, they’ll help you prevent any damage and avoid creating extra work for yourself!

If you need any extra help or advice on protecting your home during DIY work or renovations, our expert team will be more than happy to advise you personally. 

You can email them directly, speak to them using our instant chat function, or call them on 0800 834 704.

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