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Did you know Proplex has so many many uses?

Door ProtectionYou many not be aware that Proplex can be used for Bathroom ProtectionProplex easy to assemble flat pack units protect your sanitary items, baths, basins, WCs and even shower trays. A rigid twin-walled product available in sheets or rolls, Proplex is both lightweight and extremely strong. The product is waterproof and combines excellent compression and impact resistance, providing outstanding protection for the duration of any project. Proplex can also be custom printed and is available in a wide range of sizes and colours

But did you know Proplex has many, many uses? Here are a few more to inspire you:

    1. Floor Protection, for which which we recommend using the 2.44m x 1.22m sheets or the large format rolls (1.22m x 50m) for quick and easy installation
    2. Door Protection, for which we recommend using the door sized sheets (2m x 0.85m) or for larger doors the 8ft x 4ft sheets which if necessary can be easily cut down with a Stanley knife or similar cutting implement
    3. Stair Protection, we have adapted Proplex to make a profile especially suitable for the protection of stair treads and risers
    4. Kitchen Protection, protect you’re your cabinets, worktops and even your kitchen appliances with sheets, rolls or our specially adapted oven & hob protector

WC Protector FR

  • Glazing Protection, Proplex is often used to protect internal and external glazing from impact damage, the sheets or rolls are ideal, depending on the size of the area to be covered. Rolls are widely used for covering large expanses of internal glass partitions or external curtain walling.
  • Protecting Edges and corners, we have again adapted Proplex to make a Flame retardant edge profile for the sole purpose of protecting exposed edges. This product is not just restricted to 90 degree angles though, as its flexible it can be opened flat (180 degrees)
  • Protecting Meter Boxes, for this application, we have produced a hi-vis yellow grade which has been pre-formed for easy assembly and installation and will protect gas and electric meter boxes once they have been fitted to a property
  • Protecting Man Hole Covers, the list goes on. Another hi-vis yellow, easy assembly item, this time, designed to mark out man hole covers on a construction site to prevent expensive accidental damage from vehicular traffic or to prevent workers ore the public falling down unmarked openings


In future blogs, we will update you on some of the weird and wonderful applications our customers have told us they have found for Proplex, in the meantime, please tell us what you have used Proplex for, we’d be delighted to hear.

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