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Choosing The Correct Ties For The Job

About Elasticated Scaffold Ties.

The Elasticated Scaffold Tie is designed primarily for use with Scaffold Sheeting and is tested to BS7955, with its hook and toggle plastic fitting it is designed to puncture the eyelet of a reinforcement band and loop back on itself. The elasticated shock cord that makes up the tie is designed to work with the plastic fittings to hold scaffold sheeting in place on a scaffold whilst absorbing and comfortably flexing against the wind. The plastic toggle is designed to break at a force of 500 Newtons thus preventing damage to a scaffold or the scaffold being pulled over.

The Elasticated Scaffold Tie can also be used with the Vented Fencing Screen on Site fencing in exposed windy environments where conventional cable ties are usually used. In a similar way to its performance under wind on a scaffold, the elasticated scaffold tie when used on site fencing will allow a greater diffusion of wind against the fencing and thus reducing the force on the fence itself.

The Protec Cable Ties are commonly used as a low level fixing for site fencing when using debris netting, vented fencing screen and banner rolls. The Clear cable tie is hardly noticeable as it blends in against its surroundings and provides a locked tight fixing designed to rigidly hold itself in position until cut upon removal.

Both products are packed in 100s and as method of estimating how many ties you might require a good estimate is 2 packs per roll.

For efficient and effective fixing for your sheeting, Protec offer a one-stop of solutions.

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