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Considerate Builders Are Using TrapMats

Are you a considerate builder?

The impact of refurbishment on the home is huge. Intrusion, noise, dust and dirt are all part and parcel of a renovation project that may deter some customers from pursuing a refurbishment. Whether your client is acquiring an extension, a new conservatory or simply a new fireplace, there are a number of ways in which you can minimalise these, to ensure a smooth and satisfactory development.

Using a dirt trap mat is a great way to prevent the mess you create from spreading throughout the house. Place them at all main doorway entrances to catch dirt that may otherwise have been trampled through unsuspecting carpets in rooms that are not being worked upon. The dirt on the underside of work boots stick to the mat, cleaning the boot and therefore preventing any dirt from being trodden through the house. The sticky mat can then be peeled away to reveal another underneath.

dirt trap mat

By sealing off all rooms that that are undergoing building work using the Zip Wall or Zip Door kit, contractors can prevent dust and dirt from escaping. They are easy to install, and are essential to maintaining and upholding the cleanliness of areas that are untouched by building work. A customer review attesting to the zip wall kit is particularly important when understanding the necessity of this product when dealing with clients who suffer from asthma.

Perfect Solution for a dust free zone

by Claire Rumble, 08 Aug 2012

Usage: We are having an extension but trying to live in our house throughout the build. I therefore wanted to be able to avoid the rooms we are living in becoming dusty. Particularly as my husband and I both suffer from Asthma.

Opinion: I am so impressed with this product. It was very easy to assemble and is exceeding all expectations I had of its capability in stopping dust getting into the rooms we wish to protect. It is also easy to get in and out of. Most people complain about dust getting everywhere in the house when having an extension - this is definitely the answer to avoid that happening. I would not hesitate to recommend this product to others.

zipwall kit in place

These are two safeguards that our consumer clients really appreciate; we have also had great feedback from our tradesmen clients who can now show extra consideration when working in a residential home and are benefiting from the subsequent recommendations. We can also provide overshoes, carpet protection and full temporary screen systems, which have all received similar positive feedback.

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