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Alternative Uses for Zipwall Props

The Zipwall props and accessories stocked by Protec are primarily supplied and used for temporary screening applications, indeed much of our marketing effort on this product range is geared toward informing contractors and clients alike of the extensive benefits of using the Zipwall screening system in place of inferior temporary screening systems, wooden hoarding or no screening at all.

ZipWall Temporary Screening

Zipwall is a fantastic screening system that allows the user to construct a dust screen quickly and easily without the need of ladders, tape or timber but aside from screening the Zipwall system is also capable of being used in other less conventional applications.

The 3.66m and 6m Zipwall Prop can be used internally between a floor and ceiling for a number of different applications and our friends at Zipwall have identified the following circumstances in which Zipwall can be used in a variation to dust and construction screening:

Creating Temporary Display Walls

ZipWall Temporary Screening

In schools, community centres, offices or any environment where the walls cannot be used or simply because a consistent display surface is required. A row of Zipwall Props with either a Black 1000 gauge polythene 4m x 25m or a white HD Flame Retardant Polythene 4m x 25m can provide a consistent coloured surface upon which to stick posters/presentation/information without risk of tape damage to paint or papered walls. Using the Zipwall in this way also enables rooms to be partitioned and offers the ability to hide areas behind the display screen, storage areas etc.

Zipwall used in Set Building for School drama or Amateur Dramatics

The ease of use of the Zipwall props and the speed in which they can be put in place makes the Zipwall prop system ideal for groups who are looking for a versatile method of creating a set quickly with the extra benefit that Zipwall is easy to dismantle and transport. From a plain set with Black or White polythene walls or more detailed set using another painted/printed substrate the material could be folded neatly away after use. A relatively inexpensive method of set building by comparison to fixed built sets in which the props could be used from one production to the next.

Zipwall for an indoor Greenhouse

As an alternative to a potentially costly glass greenhouse, Zipwall offers an opportunity to build a temporary greenhouse within minutes in the comfort of your own home or garage. Using as few as 4 props to create a square enclosure with the polythene around the sides and also over the ceiling of the structure a contained “booth” can be created. Foam Rail Tight Seal accessories could be used with additional props to ensure heat and moisture retention and a Heavy Duty Zipper kit can be installed to allow access in and out. A grow lamp, small table and plants can be installed and then you are all set to grow indoors.

For pictures of these applications why not visit the official Zipwall website http://www.zipwall.com/other-uses.html but for all purchases of Zipwall temporary screening products in the UK contact Protec directly or order online with us today.

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