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9 Ways Temporary Protection Helps You Stick to Your Budget

How many times has a project gone frustratingly over budget due to factors beyond your control? And how many times has a construction project been delayed as a result of something which could have been avoided?

As much as four out five construction, building or renovation projects go over budget. Whilst some of the budget-consuming issues can not be avoided, some can. Here are nine ways temporary protection materials can help you to keep to budget:

1. Prevent injuries

Problem: The construction sector is one of the most dangerous in the UK - not only does construction account for a huge number of reported injuries, with 65,000 self-reported, non-fatal workplace injuries in 2014/15, it also has the highest ratio of fatalities to employees.

Based HSE statistics 23% of the 65,000 self reported injuries were caused by slips, trips or falls. Injuries can cause significant delays, with half a million working days being lost due to a workplace injury in 2014/15. Injuries in the workplace can also result in expensive personal claims.

Solution: Protec’s quality temporary protection materials are designed to support your health and safety demands, such as RhinoTile, our slip resistant floor protection, even when wet.

2. Plan ahead

Problem: Low-balling a budget just to get it started is dangerous – look at Sydney Opera house which went 1,400 times over budget.

Solution: Correctly setting aside a temporary protection budget with Protec’s account managers when scoping out your project will help you to avoid over spending, cutting corners and most importantly help prevent delays.

3. Prevent damage to areas

Problem: Damage to bathroom suites, doors, walls or floors can be incredibly costly. Below are some estimated costs for replacing damaged items:*

  • 30sq meter oak floor: £2,611
  • Ceramic toilet and cistern: £275
  • 25sq meter woollen carpet: £1,207

Solution: Our wide range of products can help to protect all aspects of your build or renovation to avoid unnecessary damage.

  • Proplex – protects floors and walls
  • Door Jamb Protectors, Door Protector sheets
  • Carpetshield, Tekgard, Coverguard, Carpet Runners - Carpet protectors
  • Handrail and Stair protectors
  • Bathroom protectors
  • Polythene protector

4. Get to work quickly

Problem: Traditional temporary protection methods, such as laying down plywood as a temporary floor protector, rely on a skilled labour force and take several hours to apply.
Solution: To remedy this issue, many of Protec’s floors, walls and door temporary protectors are lightweight, easy to cut to size and install and can be applied by non-skilled labour. This means that you can get to work quickly, without hours of preparation time.

5. Keep projects consistent

Problem: Changes to project plans after the project starts is a major cause of project delays.

Solution: Temporary protection materials can’t prevent your client from changing their mind, however, every stage of your quote for work done needs to show how you intend to protect your customer’s home while on site, so that plans are not changed or prolonged due to damages. Temporary protection materials can also help promote your company as a professional business that follows procedures.

Many of our temporary protection materials, such as building banners, scaffolding sheets and floor protection sheeting can be custom printed with either a logo or a full design.

6. Prevent damage during bad weather

Problem: Freezing weather means the site freezes. Wet weather means roofing can’t be applied. Windy conditions mean dust needs cleaning up. Bad weather cannot be avoided, especially in the UK but there are ways to avoid Mother Nature delaying the project.

Solution: Temporary protection materials can help to avoid project delays due to bad weather, including hessian cloth to avoid bricks freezing, tarpaulins to protect building materials from the rain or a ZipWall dust barrier in windows and doors to prevent dust becoming an issue.

7. Keep it clean

Problem: Not only does a clean workplace make it a more pleasant environment to work in, a work area kept clean throughout the project means that less time is needed at the end of the job to clean up, helping to meet the schedule and budget.

Solution: Our Proplex Temporary Protection keeps carpets, walls and doors covered so dirt doesn’t reach them, however, due to the material that Proplex is made of, the material itself is also wipe proof, meaning if there is a particularly dirty work area, you can clean it up easily before you remove the protection. This helps to prevent dirt being trodden through the house.

8. Prevent Fires

Problem: Every year, there are hundreds of fires on construction/ building sites causing project delays. As well as delays fires can cost companies a significant amount of money in immediate repairs and push up future insurance premiums.

Solution: Many of Protec’s quality temporary protection materials are manufactured with flame retardant additives to ensure that they slow down the spread of fire should it become an on-site problem. This helps to avoid costly damage to surfaces and buildings as well as employees and members of the public. Protec’s have a range of flame retardant products that are LPCB or Certifire approved for internal and external use.

9. Support Multi-project environments

Problem: If you are quite literally waiting for paint to dry, it is more beneficial for everyone to be getting on with other work instead of waiting around.

Solution: These days, temporary protection materials are so advanced that multiple works can be carried out. For example breathable floor protectors such as Breathershield will allow work to continue whilst wooden floors are curing. Some construction projects take place in buildings already in use, in this circumstance temporary protection materials such as Proplex can be used to protect floors and surfaces in entrances to let potential customers know that there is a construction project, whilst guaranteeing a quality finish.

* These costs are estimated based on the average prices available online at the time of writing this article.

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