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5 Expert Painting Tips

Paint is an incredible compound mixture of resin, pigment, solvents and additives. Not only can we get it in any colour, from neutral to fluorescent, we can also choose from textures and effects, such as chalk, glow in the dark and magnetic paints. So, it is hardly surprising that when you’re ready to get painting on a new project, you’re too excited to take the precautionary measures needed to ensure the finish is flawless.

These five tips & tricks are something to consider before starting painting:

1)      Choose a high quality floor protector so that it will be easily laid down and easily removed.  We’d recommend using CarpetShield to protect not only the carpet but also up to the edges of the wall. Carpetshield is easily unravelled (reverse wound) so you only need to kick it across the floor, but make sure you have gone right up to the skirting board. It uses a low-tack residue, so it won't make a mess when you remove it.

Carpetshield from Protec

2)      Second, clean the wall with a cloth and soapy water. This will remove any dirt from ruining a smooth finish on the wall.

3)      Once the floor is prepared and you have a clean surface to paint on, apply a masking tape to areas such as skirting boards to make sure no paint splashes onto it. This one is a perfect ultra-low tack masking tape for high-gloss surfaces.

4)      Next, you should be ready to start painting. Use a Paint Shield or create your own out of card to stop any of the flecks of paint from ruining your finish.

5)      Take a picture & upload your finished project onto our Facebook page. We'd love to see your finished project!

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