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Heavy Duty Ground Protection Mats used during bio-laboratory refurbishment

31 Mar , 2015  

Protec International Ltd, a leading supplier and manufacturer of LPCB approved flame retardant temporary protection materials, Injects Biopharmaceutical Industry with Premium Protection Miracles. Project: Before commencing a complete refurbishment of an old biopharmaceutical laboratory, the site manager needed to ensure the access route was going to be well protected from any potential damaged which may […]

Damp Proof Membrane

1000 Gauge Polythene Sheeting used for Colourscape Festival

25 Mar , 2015  

Heavy Duty Polythene sheets used for protecting portable art building structures. Eye Music Trust, the founder of Colourscape music festival has recently requested a heavy duty temporary protective sheeting solution to protect colourscape artwork structures during their transition to Waddesdon Manor. What is Colourscape? Colourscape music festivals were originally created in the early 1970’s. Colourscape […]


Supply Chain Sustainability School

25 Mar , 2015  

Supply Chain school for sustainability

Protec reflects on learnings at the Supply Chain Sustainability School. Protec International Ltd has been a member of the Supply Chain Sustainability School since its launch in 2012. Jim Riley, customer service representative at Protec International Ltd, talks about the positive benefits being a member of the supply chain sustainability school has had on the entire […]


Sustainable Construction Materials

24 Mar , 2015  

What is sustainability

Deconstruction Sustainability: Construction makes up everything around us. Without construction, we wouldn’t have places to eat, sleep, work and shop. Nor would we have cities, entertainment centres or architecture. Construction is one of the most important things which brings communities together and facilitates us to lead richer lives, which is why we must do everything […]

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Fire Prevention on Construction Sites

24 Mar , 2015  

Fire on construction sites

The Use of LPS 1207 and LPS 1215 Flame Retardant Temporary Protection Materials on Construction Sites   Protec International Ltd is proud to have been invited to attend and exhibit at BRE Global Ltd’s event on managing the risk of construction site fires of scaffolding cladding and internal protective covering materials in Watford to industry […]

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Installing A New Bathroom? London Plumbers Use Proplex Protection

10 Mar , 2015  

new bathroom installations

Temporary Protection Materials for a New Bathroom Installation When installing a new bathroom or remodeling an existing bathroom, many homeowners who hire a contractor put their trust in them to take responsibility for the mess and potential damage to the home, especially when it is a luxury fitting. However, with everything from new showers, bathtubs, […]

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Speak up about Construction Site Safety

3 Mar , 2015  

Construction industry Site Safety

Protec International Ltd is proud to have attended Asda’s Annual Supply Chain, Health, Safety & Environmental conference in Leeds. Talks were led by key motivational speaker, Jason Anker from Proud to be Safe (Proud 2BSafe), who is leading a social campaign to encourage construction personnel to commit to safety on sites. The Proud 2BSafe program […]

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Building Futures in The Construction Industry

23 Feb , 2015  

Burj Khalifa Construction projects

International Construction Companies are reaching new heights, but here’s a more local construction challenge: A Chinese Firm, Broad Sustainable Buildings, is trying to build the world’s tallest building in record time. Currently, the tallest building in the world is Burj Khalifa in Dubai which stands at 828 m. However, the Burj Khalifa took more than […]

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Guide to Choosing the Best Polythene Sheeting

14 Jan , 2015  

polythene sheeting

Polythene Sheeting. Polythene, also known as polyethylene sheeting, is a plastic which can be used for many industrial building or home DIY projects. Whether you need a material for lining a pond, covering building joinery, lining a shed or screening off a specific area to protect others from dust, Protec’s Polythene Sheeting will satisfy the majority requirements of […]

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Guide to Construction Site Safety

14 Jan , 2015  

BIM Construction Targets Use recyclable, reusable products

Temporary Protection Materials Contribution of Construction Site Safety The progression of Health & Safety practices in recent years has seen a huge reduction in the number of accidents and mortalities on construction sites. Through increased awareness and improved working practices, the standard of health and safety has improved across most aspects of construction work in […]

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