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Be confident that you’re working with people who thrive on continually achieving higher standards.

Better value for your business

We use recognised quality management systems to ensure continual improvements are made to each of our core business processes.

We're ISO 9001 accredited by the BRE.

Protec first achieved ISO9001 accreditation in 2006. Since then we have successfully maintained our accredited status, passing 8 annual external audits conducted by the BRE.

The rigorous, yet developmental approach adopted by the BRE ensures that our business is driven to improve its processes each and every year, which has no doubt helped us help our customers.


We have also achieved BuildingConfidence accreditation

As a market-leading supplier to the construction industry, Protec was among the first companies to be invited to apply for and achieve BuildingConfidence accreditation.

A growing number of main contractors and their clients are choosing suppliers according to their commitment and capability to meet increased supply chains standards in order to improve their own performance.

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We have professional long-serving staff who are trained by external experts

We recognise that continuity is key to delivering the service levels our customers have come to expect from us. Our account management team have decades of collective experience advising on Temporary Protection for construction industry sectors.

The team is constantly improving their abilities to deliver customer service excellence through ongoing training programmes delivered by external specialists in the field.