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Our Overshoes are a great way of preventing ground-based dust and dirt contamination outside of construction environments, but they also serve the purpose of protecting shoes from dirt and damage.

Below you will see our disposable Overshoes, as well as an automatic Overshoes dispenser.

  • Overshoes


    Disposable elasticated plastic overshoes to fit all types of footwear

    Universal (100 pack) £32.92 (£27.43 Ex. VAT)
    Universal (1,000 pack) £158.11 (£131.76 Ex. VAT)
  • Overshoes Automatic Dispenser

    Overshoes Automatic Dispenser 

    Automatic plastic overshoes dispenser

    Overshoes Dispenser Re-fill Pack (2,000 overshoes) £124.42 (£103.68 Ex. VAT)
    Overshoes Automatic Dispenser (incl. FREE carrying case + 100 overshoes) £140.64 (£117.20 Ex. VAT)