ZipWall Temporary ScreeningGuide To Using Temporary Protection for DIY Projects

In recent years the scale of DIY projects has increased on every level from small projects in the home to larger self build initiatives and whilst the complexity of projects has changed with more advanced tools, materials and working practices many house holders are now following the example of contractors by also investing in temporary protection.

Traditionally Protec have catered specifically to trade contractors and the range of products supplied has reflected this with large format protection rolls, own branding and an extensive range of protection products for a multitude of applications. From these origins products have been created to cater for various bespoke site requirements and it is through this that many house holders have found their way to Protec whether through seeing the Protec branding on protection materials used in their home by contractors or through a visit to the Protec website.
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Limit dust while sanding floors or walls during redecoration or refurbishment


Whether your redecorating your walls with a new lick of paint or sanding off your floors, the resultant dust can be an absolute mess. Take a look a how to stop the spread of dust.

When carrying out redecoration of a room and any plastering of walls and ceilings, sometimes they need to be filled and sanded to smoothen any rough patches. This often means that things are going to get dusty! There’s no way round dust being made but there are certainly steps that can be taken to limit the mess extending to other areas of the house. Protec have been working with DIY enthusiasts and contractors for years and trying to make their life easier with solutions to screening off either specific areas of a room or entire rooms themselves.

Zipwall in use
Containing dust with ZipWall ZipPole Kit

If your only working within a specific area of a room your best bet is looking at something like our ZipWall ZipPole Kit.

The system enables you to erect a versatile temporary screen which will contain all the dust within that area minimising the spread of dust. Simply attach some polythene to the top of the telescopic, spring loaded props and extent to the ceiling and lock into place and repeat this at intervals of up to 3m to create your temporary screen. Building contractors love this product for situations such as replacing fireplaces where they can create a screen around the fireplace and immediate working area and then are able to take out the existing fireplace confident in the knowledge that the resulting dust will be contained. The client/homeowner will love this as it minimises the impact of your work and a number of builders have claimed that this piece of kit has won them jobs over potential competitors.

doorway dust seal
Sealing off a room from dust with Zip Door Kit

If it is a whole room you’re working in then another option is to use a ZipDoor Kit

. This is a handy piece of polythene that is sized to cover all residential single doors with pre-installed zips for easy access. The kit uses double sided tape, which is included, to attach the polythene directly to the doorframe and create a dust seal over a whole door and containing any resultant dust in one room.

So when your next tendering for a job in a residence where you know there is going to be dust, or simply carrying out redecoration in your own home don’t let it get like this…

Dust from sanding down plastered walls

Visit our website for dust containment projects or give us a call on 0800 834 704 for advice on how to limit dust.

By Jonathan Coyle

ZipWall Paint Protection

Protec supplies a wide range of dust partitions, however, the ZipWall has been used as a room divider for spray paint protection.

As each week goes by we’re almost always amazed by new and inventive uses that our customers find for our famous ZipWall product.

This week we were told by one of our customers (a shop front paint sprayer) that they had been using their ZipWall as portable, lightweight screens to protect adjacent walls from wayward paint.

Keeping the paint isolated means they can avoid costly cleaning bills, and Zipwall’s size means it can fit into the smallest of vans – and even the boot of a car – and can be easily transported to and from site.

To learn more about ZipWall and how it can help you while on various contract work, contact our enquiries team on 0800 834 704.

Fitting Skirting Boards can be Challenging, Check this out to make it easier.

Our ZipWall props are the perfect solution for temporary screening applications however the telescopic nature of the props makes them very versatile and great for a range of other applications.

One customer who we supply temporary protection material to uses ZipWall for a very different application when doing refurbishments in residential settings particularly when tiling or fixing new skirting boards. The problem he had was making sure the skirting boards or tiles were held in place while drying and discovered simply extending a ZipWall prop across the length of the room and butting each end against either side of the room’s walls and skirting board or tile the prop will hold them in position.

Here is a great photo taken demonstrating the method.securing tiles or skirting boards in place while drying

Our Zipwall props are available in 3m, 3.6m and 6m sizes so will extend across most residential rooms.

IF you want to learn more information about ZipWall for temporary screening or its many other convenient uses then please give our enquiries team a call on 0800 834 704



Effective Dust Barriers

One of the more understated uses of our ZipWall Temporary Dust Barriers products is to screen off “clean” manufacturing environments – that is environments which must be kept clear of contaminents, dust, dirt, and every day particles that are usually common in manufacturing areas.

Two specific examples we’ve worked with recently including Food Manufacturing and Pharmaceutical Plant work. In both instances, ZipWall was used to ensure delicate working environments were kept particle-free to ensure the hygiene and standard of goods produced.

If you’ve got any questions about ZipWall, or want to check if this versatile temporary screening can help protect your work area, please don’t hesitate to get in touch online or call us on 0800 834 704.

Create a temporary dust screen whether working on a site or in a client’s home with our  ZipWall Video Guide

Working in the Construction, Refurbishment and DIY markets Protec international understand the need for temporary screening of building work. Whether it is a 50m linear screen on a commercial site, safeguarding a small work area in a sensitive environment such as a food factory or simply screening off a fireplace in a living room, a quick and efficient way of erecting a temporary screen can be an invaluable tool for any contractor.

In the past, solutions such as crudely constructed wooden frames with a polythene sheet nailed onto it Continue reading

Temporary Screening for Factories Involving Food

Food Manufacturing Companies and their factories are often presented with tricky issues when maintenance work is required on various machinery or parts of the building and food is still present in the environment.

A quick easy and, most importantly, safe and effective form of temporary screening is needed to mask off any areas where work is being done to protect the rest of the working environment. Stringent regulations need to be met and because of this, companies such as Heinz, Ginsters, Kelloggs all benefit from Zipwall for temporary screening. An air tight seal can be created using ZipWall extendable poles and accessories to make sure no dust or dirt escapes the area being worked on. As well as this, floor protection is also regularly required when maintenance work needs to be done on the factory floors.

If you work in food sensitive environments and need dust control through temporary screening you can really rely on then give our enquiry teams a call on 0800 834 704 and ask for ZipWall or alternatively take a look at our ZipWall product page.

Sealing an entrance or doorway for the best dust containment with ZipDoor

Whether it is a small DIY project, home remodeling, or large commercial build the issue of dust travelling around a building can be a major issue. A couple of blog artciles back we posted a video of how to use ZipWall to temporarily partition sections of a room to conatin dust and dirt, but if it is a whole room your are working in and an open doorway that needs blocking  then ZipDoor is the easy solution! We are launching the product at the end of June at the Manchester Toolfair exhibition and are keen to show its benefits for small jobs at home, commercial or residential builds or refurbs. So keep a look out and if you’re interested then feel free to post your comments below or on our facebook page where you will find the video!

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