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DIY Projects & the Use of Temporary Protection

26 Apr , 2014  

DIY Projects

Guide To Using Temporary Protection for DIY Projects In recent years the scale of DIY projects has increased on every level from small projects in the home to larger self build initiatives and whilst the complexity of projects has changed with more advanced tools, materials and working practices many house holders are now following the […]

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Protec Tape Applicators Greatly increase the Speed of Laying your Floor Protection

12 Feb , 2014  

Protec  Tape Applicators save you a great deal of time when applying tape to your construction or building site.If you are buying adhesive tape we would strongly recommend using these tape applicator guns to aid you with joining temporary protection boards. Protec’s tape gun applicators will save both time and the frustration of finding the end […]

Hard Floor Film

Hard Floor Protector for Tile Tape

7 Aug , 2012  

Use Protec Hard Floor Protector to secure tiles or mosaics during transport, storage and installation. We have lots of customers who are involved in flooring whether it is supplies or installation and a large majority of them work with ceramic tiles or mosaics. One of these customers approached us to help find a solution to […]


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Guide to selecting the best adhesive tape

23 Apr , 2012  

About Protec’s Adhesive Tape. Protec supply a comprehensive range of fixing adhesive tape to suit all applications. Whether you need building tape or construction tape, Protec’s tapes are to be used for jointing or sticking to finished surfaces. Protec can even supply custom printed tape and can source tapes including Packaging tapes, cloth (gaffa /duct) tape, […]

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Extra Strong Construction Tape with Anti Slip Protection

19 Mar , 2012  

With frosty April mornings coming up it is a timely point at which to write a blog about one the most useful extra strong construction tape a building site can have in its stores.  Protec Anti Slip tape is a 25mm x 18.2m roll of high tack tape with a rough “sand paper-esq” surface that provides slip […]

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Which Tape to use with your Temporary Protection Materials?

31 Jan , 2012  

In many respects having such a large selection of adhesive tapes within the Protec product range can be hugely advantageous in that there is literally a tape for any job. Over the many years that Protec have been trading the range of tapes stocked has increased to meet the changing needs of sites, the differing […]

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Own Branding Protection Material

27 Dec , 2011  

Protec are proud to offer an extensive range of temporary protection materials that can actually be branded with a bespoke company logo or message. The benefits of own branded protection material are extensive and focus greatly on both identification of who the protection materials belong to and also as a brilliant method of advertising your […]

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Bad Weather

Frost Protection For Foundations

24 Dec , 2011  

Protect building foundations from frost, snow and ice. Previous Protec blogs have already covered winter weather and snow but only in general detail, in light of increasing snow risk and plunging temperatures it may be of value to consider some specific protection solutions against snow. “Know your enemy” is perhaps a little strong when assessing […]

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Door Protection, Door Sleeves

Total Door Protection, the Complete Package

19 Dec , 2011  

Why Protec Door Sleeves? Protec Door Sleeves and the Flame Retardant version, FR Door Sleeves, are large format polythene bags essentially which are sealed on three sides and can be slipped over the door and folded back on themselves to totally encapsulate the door. They are supplied on a roll and are peeled off one […]

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Coming Unstuck? Use Wide Width Tapes

6 Dec , 2011  

The use of wide width tapes when fitting temporary protection materials, specifically flooring, really can’t be stressed enough. Protec offer both 75mm and 100mm Cloth Tape for those applications that require a more substantial tape for both jointing protection together and adhering protection onto “hard to stick” surfaces such as concrete. There are numerous benefits […]