Protec Lead by Example When it Comes to RecyclingAt Protec we try to care for the environment as much as we do for our customers.

For some time we haven taken matters of environmental protection, consideration to sustainable sources, and overall impact of our company quite seriously.

One of the simplest ways we – and any company – can take the same considerations is by recycling unneeded or unwanted materials. All kinds of common materials can be recycled, from paper, card, food, foil, plastics can all be professionally recycled.
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Bidet, Shower and Bath Protectors with Proplex, a New Bathroom Protection Range.

Preformed Proplex is designed to cover various bathroom fittings and save hundreds and thousands of pounds worth of potential damage to your bathroom. It is easy install and provides great protection when you are fitting, re-decorating or refurbishing your bathroom.

Bathroom: Sink, Bidet and Bath

General Protection (Floors, Walls and Worktops) -

2.4m x 1.2m Proplex Sheets

Use: For standard protection against impact damage. Easily cut, creased and bent. Great for protecting floors with minimal foot traffic   or applying vertically to walls. As it is easily cut and creased these sheets are perfect for altering the size to fit worktops or various other surfaces

Use: Higher degree of impact resistance, ideal for protecting floors with occasional heavy traffic

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Overshoes Dispenser


  1. Handrail and Balustrade protector, to prevent damage to staircase balustrades and newels from furniture in transit as these are particularly sensitive areas of any property
  2. Self adhesive carpet and or Hard surface protector, to preserve floor coverings on the ground floor, stairs and first floor when moving furniture out of one property and into another
  3. Door Jamb protectors, to protect door frames from damage from furniture in transit through rooms to their desired location in the property.
  4. Small Bubble wrap, for wrapping delicate items preventing damage on their journey
  5. Standard Trap Mats and overshoes, a single Trap mat placed at each location entrance removing dirt from the soles of shoes used in conjunction with overshoes left inside the entrance to the property, both products ensuring a clean damage free move

Peelgard used to protect spray paint booth.

We have a product which works great for protection against paint spreading, peelgard.

It is a ‘Spray-on’, ‘peel-off’ system, ideal for covering a surface before painting the surroundings, then peeling it off once complete. The original surface is left paint free – it works a treat!

Once applied with any Airless Spray Gun or a Lambs wool roller it can stay in place for 6 months, and it’s so durable that just one coat then forget about it!

Get Spraying!

ZipWall ZipDoorsDid you know that you can completely eliminate dust and dirt in Dust Sensitive areas such as food production, healthcare or hospitals by shaping the Heavy Duty Zipdoors to a J shape doorway?

Shaping the doorway in this manner is also suitable for sites where excessive dirt/dust is travelled through foot traffic to ensure the Doorways remain operational for prolonged periods of time and don’t pick up debris.

Enclosed is our step by step instructions to a more effective dust free environment on your site.


Cut one side of the material


Then cut the other side


Install the material onto the fabric


Zipper installed

Heavy Duty 5mm ProplexWe love working with schools and colleges, they provide the most interesting and diverse challenges that require our temporary protection products.

Our latest commission has been from Macclesfield College, where we have been asked to help protect their sports hall floor – made from finished wood – from summer events and activities.
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