Digitally Printed Scaffold Advertising Opportunities offer great value brand promotion to thousands.

It is often a requirement, due to safety, to use scaffold sheeting and safety netting on scaffold structures. It provides are great barrier against the elements to make it easier for workers while using scaffolding for access and provides a vital safety guard for objects/tools that might otherwise be dropped and fall to the ground below.

This is particularly relevant in highly populated areas such as cities where large buildings are either under construction or refurbishment. It is more than likely you have walked alongside these scaffold structures and while being safeguarded by the sheeting wondered what has been going on and the future use of the building being worked on behind them.

From a contractor working on the site and the owner of the development’s perspective it is often a really good opportunity to use this scaffold sheeting to advertise the future of the building whether it be a new library, set of flats or retail store. Despite this, the amount of time blank scaffold sheeting is used, leaving the nature of the development unclear, is often surprising and is a waste in terms of early marketing opportunities.

Protec International has provided scaffold sheeting along with other forms of scaffold protection for over 20 years and knows the benefit of being able to use custom print, in this instance, to create a perfect advertising medium. The contractors working on the development love being able to print their logo on the side of the building and show they are responsible for constructing the current development or alternatively being able to provide their client an opportunity to show what is actually being built. With the advancement in digital printing it is now possible to print almost anything on scaffold sheeting whether it being messages or full colour photos.

If you are undertaking a new development and want to explore the early opportunities of advertising while still in the initial stages of construction, take a look at our products and what we can offer with versatile and eye-catching, large format print.

Enquiries can be directed to or alternatively you can call our team for free on 0800 834 704.

Printed banners for scaffolding and fencing can make the most of your construction site.

Protec have supplied various protection materials for construction sites such as scaffold sheeting  for decades. What a lot of our contractors or their clients don’t know is that we can also print large banner advertising for sides of buildings that are undergoing work. Whether this is to inform the public on what is being constructed or to make the construction look more aesthetic it is becoming an opportunity not to be missed.

A good example of this are universities which often contract in work over the summer holidays while students aren’t usually there as its outside the academic year. This makes a lot of sense however this is also the time when prospective new students also visit universities to decide where to take their studies. Printed banners can turn a building with a lot of scaffolding from looking like a building site into a way of showing what is being built and the benefits for future students. Southampton University is one of our latest clients to do this and it looked great as you can see in the pictures below.

This is the same for a new block of flats being built in a city, why not advertise the new accommodation on the side of the building while it is under construction rather than leaving it to look like an anonymous building being built.

Printed Banners
Printed Banners
Printed Banners
Custom Printed Banners

So are you planning on a new development? Carrying out the contracting work and want to show who is responsible? Give our enquiries team a call and see what we can do with printed banners for scaffolding or fencing on 0800 834 704 and you will be surprised in how quick we can suppy you with something suitable.

Protec designs custom printed banners for Woburn Abbey

Scaffolding doesn’t have to be ugly!

Protec’s printed banners can be branded with your very own design. This is often a simple logo print, however we recently had a request for a design which will blend with a building.

Work on a public or historic building that is often still open and accommodating visitors while under refurbishment or construction can look unsightly and detract from the visitor’s experience. Hiding scaffolding or other works completely is often not possible but using Protec’s printed banner service will definitely help to disguise it.

Protec have recently supplied Printed Banner to Woburn Abbey which has been the home of the Dukes of Bedford for nearly 400 years. When work was planned to go ahead on the building a solution was needed to keep the scaffolding on the side of the building as unobtrusive as possible as there were still planned visits and events such as weddings taking place.

The banners are an ideal, cost-effective solution for promotional purposes to create a big visual impact. We produce full colour, digitally printed banners at low prices. PVC banners of any size can be made using single or multiple images, company logos or even photographs. There are no colour limitations, and virtually any effect can be re-produced quickly and cost-effectively. Our vinyl banners are water-resistant, UV-resistant, printed with UV stable inks and are finished with strengthened eyelets.

Scaffold SheetingProtective Scaffolding Supplies.

The recent high winds and storms that have affected almost every corner of the UK has brought to light the issues that face many construction sites when the weather takes a turn for the worse. High winds, in addition to the potential structural damage they can cause, can be particularly problematical with most temporary protection materials in that the usually light protection if not secured properly is likely to be blown around site and thus failing to protect the areas that it is intended to.

Protec Scaffold Sheeting and Vented Temporary Fencing Screen are products that are more susceptible to damage and displacement by high winds as they are external protection products designed for screening, containment and protection against the weather.

Vented Temporary Fencing ScreenThe Protec Scaffold sheeting is manufactured with reinforcement bands on the top, middle and bottom of the sheeting with sealed eyelets that can be broken through and used where applicable with the Elasticated scaffold ties. As part of the BS7955 standard to which the Proscaff conforms the sheeting and ties are actually designed to break away from the scaffold structure under high wind to prevent it from acting like a sail and pulling the scaffold structure over. Usually the ties will break in specific areas of strain and can then be easily replaced with new ties.

The Vented Fencing Screen by contrast to the Proscaff is a different product but faces similar problems at ground level when secured to site fencing. This product is manufactured with a solid band on the top and bottom of the sheeting and although vented to allow air flow, under high wind, may pull the fencing over if it isn’t securely anchored. Whilst the Vented Fencing is conventionally secured with Nylon cable ties it may be an idea to use the same Elasticated Scaffold ties as used with the Proscaff as these will allow the fencing screen to move and further disperse gusts of wind rather than rigidly acting as an obstacle to be blown over or ripped.

Debris NettingProtec Debris Netting and Scaffnet FR is also an external product to consider in these types of applications as it is designed for external use. Whilst Debris Netting is a lighter form of protection it will still catch in the wind and if not correctly secured may rip or break free from the scaffold or Fencing it’s secured to.

Top tips for successfully keeping your sheeting maintained in high winds are:

  • Use the correct ties, Elasticated Ties for Proscaff Scaffold Sheeting and Vented Fencing that is liable to be exposed to high winds.
  • If working on a scaffold ensure that it is designed to take the added load of scaffold sheeting or debris netting.
  • Space ties at equal intervals, a ratio of 150 ties for every roll of sheeting is a good ratio to work with.
  • On Site Fencing ensure that it is adequately anchored into the ground.
  • Promptly replace broken ties to prevent further damage to the screening.
  • Ensure that Scaffold sheeting is not over stretched as this will reduce the amount of force required to break ties.

Sink ProtectorProtec are proud to offer an extensive range of temporary protection materials that can actually be branded with a bespoke company logo or message. The benefits of own branded protection material are extensive and focus greatly on both identification of who the protection materials belong to and also as a brilliant method of advertising your company and what it’s doing on site.

The range of products that can be branded encompass every aspect of protection on site from scaffold sheeting through to tape, floor protection to door sleeves and Stair Treads to Sanitary ware.
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Bubble WrapProtect building foundations from frost, snow and ice.

Previous Protec blogs have already covered winter weather and snow but only in general detail, in light of increasing snow risk and plunging temperatures it may be of value to consider some specific protection solutions against snow.

“Know your enemy” is perhaps a little strong when assessing the impact of snow on your construction site but is none the less a valid point. Snow, unlike rain, sleet or hail is an insidious type of weather that can sneak in over night and completely disrupt works on site through its depth and frequency, extra work is required to dig the site clear and man hours are consequently lost. Snow, aided by the wind, is also a nuisance in the way that it can be blown in through openings, melts through the subsequent thaw and then you potentially have the risk of water damage to finished floors.
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Elasticated TiesAbout Elasticated Scaffold Ties.

The Elasticated Scaffold Tie is designed primarily for use with Scaffold Sheeting and is tested to BS7955, with its hook and toggle plastic fitting it is designed to puncture the eyelet of a reinforcement band and loop back on itself. The elasticated shock cord that makes up the tie is designed to work with the plastic fittings to hold scaffold sheeting in place on a scaffold whilst absorbing and comfortably flexing against the wind. The plastic toggle is designed to break at a force of 500 Newtons thus preventing damage to a scaffold or the scaffold being pulled over.

The Elasticated Scaffold Tie can also be used with the Vented Fencing Screen on Site fencing in exposed windy environments where conventional cable ties are usually used. In a similar way to its performance under wind on a scaffold, the elasticated scaffold tie when used on site fencing will allow a greater diffusion of wind against the fencing and thus reducing the force on the fence itself.

The Protec Cable Ties are commonly used as a low level fixing for site fencing when using debris netting, vented fencing screen and banner rolls. The Clear cable tie is hardly noticeable as it blends in against its surroundings and provides a locked tight fixing designed to rigidly hold itself in position until cut upon removal.

Both products are packed in 100s and as method of estimating how many ties you might require a good estimate is 2 packs per roll.

For efficient and effective fixing for your sheeting, Protec offer a one-stop of solutions.

Proscaff Scaffold Sheeting Used for Covering and Waterproofing Swimming Pool.

The innovation and ingenuity people are pushed to when looking after their family always fascinates me! As well as fantastic environmental credentials, we all need to think about how these ideas can be put to use in our everyday lives to reduce our carbon footprint. Doomsday or not, some of his ideas are something I need to explore to make my garden more efficient. He uses scaffold sheeting to cover up and waterproof his swimming pool.

A Survivalist Sees Profit in Helping Others Prepare

Proscaff FR Scaffold Sheeting

MESA, Ariz. — Swimming pools are one way of surviving Arizona’s sky-high temperatures, which hit triple digits in a recent uncharacteristically early burst of heat. But Dennis McClung’s pool, in the Phoenix suburb of Mesa, has been redesigned into a survivalist refuge of an entirely different sort.

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Scaffold SheetingMorgan Sindall are currently redeveloping a prominent historic six-storey West End office building for Legal & General Properties. One of the major challenges faced by the site team was how they were going to maximise the brand opportunities for their client.

As the site would require scaffold sheeting the Morgan Sindall site team contacted Protec and various different options were discussed. Protec have the facility to digitally print directly onto our scaffold sheeting to create much larger graphic images without the restrictions of logo size or repeat length. In addition to the high quality print, as little as one single 2m x 45m roll can be produced.

Scaffold SheetingBoth the site and the client were delighted with the results. Project Manager Alan Bush said:

“Due to the particular branding requested by the client; Digiscaff provided an excellent solution for displaying multiple logos and information on scaffold structure. We were very pleased with both the support provided by Protec and the quality of the print and product. When fitting Digiscaff we found out that we needed extra 3 rolls to provide full coverage, this was provided within just a few days providing an excellent after service.”

Any site that requires scaffold sheeting, particularly inner city or urban locations can provide a dramatic and unrivalled communication opportunity for either you or your client. Often the equivalent of thousands of pounds worth of space in conventional media is left blank when it could be used so much more effectively and at a modest cost.

As part of this service Protec provide a full graphic design service and custom printed materials can be delivered to site in as little as 7 days.
Call us FREE on Freephone 0800 834704 and allow us to assist your site. Why waste valuable media space?

PVC Mesh Printed Banners are an ideal low-cost advertising solution for large scaffold structures.

Are you building any developments which could benefit from large-size advertising?

Printed Banners - PVC Mesh BannersOur PVC Mesh Banners are an ideal low-cost advertising solution for large scaffold structures.

This flexible advertising Banner can be spaced in various viewpoints on the structure, and each Banner comes fully hemmed and eyeleted for ease of installation.

Our mesh banners are very customisable, and you can provide your own bespoke artwork. Learn more about Custom Printing.

The banners have a 10 day lead time from artwork approval.

PVC Mesh BannersPrinted Banners - PVC Mesh Banners