Polythene Sheeting.

Polythene, also known as polyethylene sheeting, is a plastic which can be used for many industrial building or home DIY projects. Whether you need a material for lining a pond, covering building joinery, lining a shed or screening off a specific area to protect others from dust, Protec’s Polythene Sheeting will satisfy the majority requirements of temporary screening and temporary covering applications. With a versatile range of polythene suited to many different projects, it can make it impossible to choose the best protective sheeting for your project.

What is more, before choosing which polythene sheet, you may want to consider whether you need it to be Flame Retardant. Protec supplies one of the largest ranges of LPCB approved materials. Flame Retardant polythene sheeting can be important if there is a potential fire hazard on your project. To help you to identify the approved Flame Retardant products, you will see the LPS 1207, LPS 1215 or Certifire approved logos which means that our Flame Retardant polythene sheeting is approved to industry recognised Loss Prevention Standards. For more information, please see our Flame Retardant information page.

The guide below has been created to help you to choose the best Polythene Sheeting for your project:

Which Polythene Sheet for My Project?

Light Duty Plastic Sheeting


Light duty plastic sheets are ideal for draping over objects as a dust cover, for wrapping items or for protecting items in transit. Light duty plastic sheets are a lightweight and flexible material which makes it perfect for draping over objects.

Recommended Products:

Medium Duty Plastic Sheeting:


Medium duty plastic sheeting can be used for protecting furniture in transit, protecting floors, walls and carpets from spills and sprays. Medium duty plastic sheeting is ideal for home based or industrial applications.  Protec normally recommends using medium duty plastic sheeting for use with the ZipWall.

Recommended Products:

Heavy Duty Plastic Sheeting:


Heavy duty plastic sheeting delivers outstanding strength. It can be used as a damp proof membrane, for mixing cement, temporary roofing and rain protection. If you are a gardener, Protec’s 1000 Gauage Polythene Sheeting can be used for lining ponds, hanging baskets or covering soil.

Recommended Products:

Proscaff Hi-Vis Protector Tubes
Temporary protection materials used to improve Construction Site Safety

Temporary Protection Materials Contribution of Construction Site Safety

The progression of Health & Safety practices in recent years has seen a huge reduction in the number of accidents and mortalities on construction sites. Through increased awareness and improved working practices, the standard of health and safety has improved across most aspects of construction work in areas such as personnel, PPE, tools and equipment.

Protec supplies a wide range of temporary protection materials to improve safety to staff and members of the public. The following products are the main ones used to prevent injuries on construction sites:

1) Anti-Slip Ground Protection - We all know areas around construction sites quickly become muddy and slippery from either foot traffic or vehicles. Protec supplies Tracktile, an anti slip ground protector which prevents slips, trips and falls around muddy and slippery areas on construction sites.

2) Trip Prevention inside construction sites – There is often lots of staff and lots of movement on construction sites. Hardboard flooring can be used, but it can be dangerous as it does not prevent trips if it gets wet and muddy. Protec supplies TK200 and Carpetshield FR which have an embossed anti slip surface to prevent tripping up either on corners or mud. What is more, Protec’s Rigid Treads and Anti Slip Tape can be used for extra slip resistance.

3) Hazard Awareness – Barrier Tape, Hazard Tape and Zip Wall Caution Reel are high visibility so they can be used to raise awareness danger or partition off hazardous areas to either staff or members of the public. What is more, products such as the Hi Vis Proscaff Protector not only cushion impact of someone accidentally walking into a scaffold pole but also raise awareness as they are Hi Visibility yellow.

4) FallsPrevention – In the context of temporary protection, Protec are extremely proud of the Zipwall system that we supply. In conventional screening applications ladders and scaffolds may be required to erect screens thus contributing to the risk of falls however the Zipwall screening system is erected from the ground with no need for work at height at all. Furthermore Zipwalls contribution to dust containment provides a healthier working environment for those outside of the screened area.

5) Fire Prevention - Protec supplies Flame Retardant Construction Site Protection. Many of Protec’s temporary protection materials  are flame retardant and comply to the Joint Code of Practice’s Loss Prevention Certification LPS1202. LPS1207 is the Flame Retardant standard for temporary protection materials and was developed by insurers and other interested stakeholders in the construction industry to remove potentially hazardous non flame retardant protection for both health and safety and financial reasons. LPS1207 certificated products are tested to ensure that in addition to being flame retardant they self extinguish, do not emit toxic smoke, do not produce flaming droplets and most importantly do not spread fire. Non flame retardant products on the other hand could be quite the opposite and may contribute to the spread of fire in addition to producing harmful fumes. All of the Flame Retardant products at Protec are printed with the relevant LPCB certification details and are backed up by a copy of the certificate if required. The use of Flame Retardant protection materials has increased in recent years through specification by clients and insurers alike which is beneficial on both health and safety grounds and also in terms of insurance and reputation of your company.

Please Be Aware: It is unfortunate that whilst many companies are using legitimate certificated protection materials from Protec that there are less scrupulous protection companies that supply non flame retardant protection under the guise of “Tested to LPS1207” which is not actually a certificated product. If you are in doubt about the Flame Retardant protection that you’re using or looking to use you should always ask for a copy of the LPS1207 certificate which should be unique to the product.

If you would like more information about how the use of temporary protection materials can improve your construction site saftey, please contact Protec on 0800 834 704 or tweet @Protec_uk.

Proplex Flame Retardant RollPrevent brickwork damage with Hessian Fabric.

Hessian fabric is one product you can use to prevent frost damage to brick when before it starts to snow or get very frosty.

An unattended is potentially more susceptible to damage from the weather and whereas in the normal working week any damage such as leaks and breakages would be quickly identified and repaired, over Christmas there is a greater chance that damages will be left unchecked and unnoticed until discovered when the site reopens.

Scaffold SheetingYou’ve worked hard all year on your site the last thing you want to have to do when you come back from a relaxing Christmas holiday is to have to re-do work that you completed in November.

A wide variety of protection materials from Protec can be used to help sites protect their works whilst the site is unattended over Christmas. Some specific products and applications are as follows:

  • Proscaff Scaffold Sheeting – For scaffold cladding, hoarding and protecting windows and openings into buildings from the wind, rain and snow. (Don’t forget you Elasticated Scaffold Ties and Cable Ties)
  • Temporary Downpipe – For use in directing rain water away from foundations and towards an appropriate drainage point.
  • Hessian – To prevent frost damage to Bricks and Brick work.
  • Floor Protection – To protect those finished floors from wet boots and any unforeseen leaks.
  • Tarpaulin and Barrier Sheeting – To protect building materials and exposed areas of the build.
  • Tapes – A variety of different tack adhesive tapes in 50mm, 75mm and 100mm to ensure that protection material stays securely stuck down.

Protect your site and ensure that it is in the same condition in January as when you left it in December.

Proplex Floor Protection Sheets get A+

A High School in London has used Proplex 5mm Black Recycled Floor Protection Sheets (1.2m x 2.4m) to provide effective temporary floor coverings during various functions. The rigid 5mm sheets provide great impact resistance to chairs and foot traffic while staying lightweight and easy to carry.

The floor protection sheets were originally bought in 2011 and due to their strength and durability are still being re-used today. Typically, in a full school year they are used for Christmas Mock Exams, Key Stage 3 exams, GCSE’s but also Open Evenings and Parents Evenings. The sheets are used to cover whole floor areas but also for specific walkways too.

School Gym Floor Protector

From the Customer

“Proplex is much better to use than say dust sheets or a product on a Large Roll as it’s light weight and easy to carry through doors which is important. It can be Re-used and is still in good condition from 3 years ago. If I need to do some painting work in the school I also use them to cover the floor”

If you need help protection your school hall floor during exams or other functions please call 0800 834 704 for advise on our various floor protection products.

ZipWall Temporary ScreeningGuide To Using Temporary Protection for DIY Projects

In recent years the scale of DIY projects has increased on every level from small projects in the home to larger self build initiatives and whilst the complexity of projects has changed with more advanced tools, materials and working practices many house holders are now following the example of contractors by also investing in temporary protection.

Traditionally Protec have catered specifically to trade contractors and the range of products supplied has reflected this with large format protection rolls, own branding and an extensive range of protection products for a multitude of applications. From these origins products have been created to cater for various bespoke site requirements and it is through this that many house holders have found their way to Protec whether through seeing the Protec branding on protection materials used in their home by contractors or through a visit to the Protec website.
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BreatherShield FRBreathershield – Breathable floor coverings for expensive flooring

BreatherShield FR offers breathable and effective temporary floor coverings to floor surfaces such as newly laid wood, marble and stone.

Our experience of temporary protection and wide client base has taught us a lot on how to protect floors and a very common requirement is protecting very expensive flooring. High end timber, marble and stone flooring is unique in regards to that it requires protection whilst also needing to breathe. Any protection material also needs to be of a non-abrasive nature so it won’t leave any marks. Breathershield FR is an ideal choice for expensive floor protection as it offers these features and, when compared against the potential repair costs to a damaged marble floor, very cost effective.

Don’t suffocate newly laid floors or leave them vulnerable to damage in fit-out environments – let them breathe easy with BreatherShield FR.

Plastic Floor Protection vs. Dust Sheets

Read Part 1: New Home Part 1 – Redecorating

New Home Redecorating Plastic FlooringDuring the redecorating process it has become apparent that plastic floor protection in the form of Protec Proplex, Promesh, Barrier sheeting and Carpetshield are all highly superior to cotton Dust Sheets or bits of old curtain and carpets.

In one room in the house the existing carpet has been left down unprotected (as it is ultimately going to be removed to expose the wooden flooring underneath). This has so far offered protection against wall paper paste and dust and debris but unlike the Proplex in the next room (which is protecting an exposed wooden floor) it has quickly become dirty and is very difficult to clean.
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Home Improvement Protection

RedecorationFollowing on from Matt’s move earlier this month a need arose to protect his new home whilst redecorating works get underway. The works involve wall paper stripping, plastering three rooms, some drilling and ultimately repainting and decorating. Whilst much of the house doesn’t require decorating the work in the rooms that do is likely to generate debris that could spread through the whole house, the use of protection will reduce this and protect existing floors, walls, doors and furnishings.
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Forget Steel Sheets, Try Proplex Instead.

When it comes to moving heavy machinery, protecting delicate flooring becomes a real issue. Traditionally strong products such as steel sheets were required to take the weight of the machinery whilst protecting the floor adequately. However, one drawback to steel sheeting is that it can damage the floor after repeated use.

A large engineering machinery installer which works in various industries has started using our 3mm Proplex floor protection as a replacement to steel sheeting. It performs brilliantly and doesn’t mark the floors like the steel does.

To find out more about the 3mm Proplex and it’s other uses, click here.

ZipWall Paint Protection

Protec supplies a wide range of dust partitions, however, the ZipWall has been used as a room divider for spray paint protection.

As each week goes by we’re almost always amazed by new and inventive uses that our customers find for our famous ZipWall product.

This week we were told by one of our customers (a shop front paint sprayer) that they had been using their ZipWall as portable, lightweight screens to protect adjacent walls from wayward paint.

Keeping the paint isolated means they can avoid costly cleaning bills, and Zipwall’s size means it can fit into the smallest of vans – and even the boot of a car – and can be easily transported to and from site.

To learn more about ZipWall and how it can help you while on various contract work, contact our enquiries team on 0800 834 704.