Proplex the professional choice for the Media Industry

19 Oct , 2011  

More and more requirements are coming to Protec for our Proplex corrugated Plastic sheeting for the Media Industry. Companies are finding it an excellent choice for floor protection on sites during film or photo shoots where the floor needs protection. The Black or White sheets can also be used as a very cost-effective backdrop too!

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Bathroom Protection, Products, Proplex

Did you know Proplex has so many many uses?

17 Oct , 2011  

You many not be aware that Proplex can be used for Bathroom Protection. Proplex easy to assemble flat pack units protect your sanitary items, baths, basins, WCs and even shower trays. A rigid twin-walled product available in sheets or rolls, Proplex is both lightweight and extremely strong. The product is waterproof and combines excellent compression and impact resistance, […]

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5 Protec products to consider when repairing or Plastering a ceiling

12 Oct , 2011  

5 Protec products to consider when repairing or Plastering a ceiling: Zipwall ZipPole Kit, to partition off areas off the room, to contain the work and prevent contamination Proplex sheets, to protect the floor and walls from falling debris and splashes Protec window protection film, to prevent splashes to glass on internal window panes Window […]

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Swimming Pool Tile Protection

7 Oct , 2011  

On a number of occasions Protec have supplied Temporary Protection Materials for swimming pool tile protection. Our most popular protection for this application is the Proplex because of its ‘Impact Quality’. It suits the tiled floors perfectly and minimises any damage.

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“Black Out” Proplex Perfect for Film/Theatre Company

27 Sep , 2011  

Recently Protec Supplied FR LPS1207 Black 1.22m x 50m Proplex Rolls for a Theatre Company. The product was requested to ‘Block Out’ any light from entering the 90,000ft2 building through the glass windows which was hired for the production.


Smell a rat? Only Guinea Pigs in our latest project

22 Sep , 2011  

Continuing the list of amazing varied uses of our Proplex Sheeting, this tiime we’ve been asked to supply sheeting to the Orkney Islands to be used to weatherproof a Guinea Pig farm. They used 2mm standard proplex sheets, cut and shaped to cover Guinea pig houses and protect from bad weather, including rain and wind. […]

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Protec Supplies Proplex FR Rolls to Jamaica

15 Sep , 2011  

Protec are proud to announce that they have supplied a quantity of Flame Retardant Proplex Rolls to Kier Construction which are destined to be used on a construction site in Jamaica. The temporary protection is mainly being used as floor protection on the Kier project in Kingston where they are building a new head quarters […]

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Local College Employs Proplex to Protect Gym Floor During Summer Activities

9 Aug , 2011  

We love working with schools and colleges, they provide the most interesting and diverse challenges that require our temporary protection products. Our latest commission has been from Macclesfield College, where we have been asked to help protect their sports hall floor – made from finished wood – from summer events and activities.

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Yellow Proplex? Why Not!

27 Jul , 2011  

Protec can produce to order various Colours in Proplex. We are currently manufacturing Yellow sheets for one customer. Why? Well for one, it can help you stand out from the crowd! It can also identify whose sheets are who’s on a site. We can also customise Proplex with your corporate logo and other branding, and produce […]



How Can Protec Help You?

23 Jun , 2011  

Take away a little of the hassle of moving house by using temporary protection materials. Want to ensure the home you are leaving is left in its intended condition without scrapes and scuffs from movers? Or dirty work boots on carpets? Want to ensure your new house is the same? There is a wide range […]

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