ProplexHave you ever looked at a floor protection product online and wondered what it feels like? How strong it is? And whether it would provide sufficient floor protection?

At Protec we can supply you with a sample of many of our floor protection materials from Proplex sheet through to Barrier Sheeting. We are able to supply you with an A4 swatch of the material you are interested in, posted directly out to you at no charge.
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Door ProtectionA rigid twin-walled product available in sheets or rolls, Proplex is both lightweight and extremely strong. The product is waterproof and combines excellent compression and impact resistance, providing outstanding protection for the duration of any project. Proplex can also be custom printed and is available in a wide range of sizes and colours

Did you know Proplex has many, many uses? Here are just a few of the main ones.
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5 Protec products to consider when repairing or Plastering a ceiling:

  1. Zipwall ZipPole Kit, to partition off areas off the room, to contain the work and prevent contamination
  2. Proplex sheets, to protect the floor and walls from falling debris and splashes
  3. Protec window protection film, to prevent splashes to glass on internal window panes
  4. Window and Door Sill protector packs, to prevent damage to internal window cills from falling debris
  5. Rubble bags, to contain waste material for disposal