Proplex plastic sheetingThe Cutty Sark Ship Uses Proplex to sail again

We have recently been supplying Heavy Duty Flame Retardant Proplex Sheeting 4mm to the restoration and conservation project of the historic Cutty Sark.

One of the only 3 clipper ships of its kind with remaining original compound construction (wooden hull on an iron frame) – originally built in 1869, caught fire and suffered major fire damage during a conservation work in 2007.

Due to re-open as a museum and tourist attraction in 2012 Protec are proud to be part of such a historic restoration process!

Proplex impact protection

A member of the public has thought of a great application for 5mm Proplex. He wanted something to provide impact protection so he can place his tropical fish tank on top of it.

The Proplex 5mm will protect the cabinet below from any marks and scratches. The black 5mm sheet was preferred so it is hidden from site and will give the highest level of impact protection.

Proplex plastic sheetingOur Proplex Plastic Sheeting has numerous uses in many environments, but we never cease to be amazed by inventive uses for our surface protection material.

Apparently it is excellent material for making a Guinea Pig cage; it can be cut to size very easily, is light weight but also very strong, and it will clean easily too.

Metal grids can be used to make the bulk of the cage as per the picture (right).

ProplexHave you ever looked at a floor protection product online and wondered what it feels like? How strong it is? And whether it would provide sufficient floor protection?

At Protec we can supply you with a sample of many of our floor protection materials from Proplex sheet through to Barrier Sheeting. We are able to supply you with an A4 swatch of the material you are interested in, posted directly out to you at no charge.
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