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Protec Accepted for Made in Britain Marque

17 Jul , 2015  

Protec International Ltd are delighted to announce that their Proplex product range has been accepted for using the Made in Britain marque. The Made in Britain campaign was borne from the research cooker manufacturer, Stoves, commissioned in 2011 to find out how British Adults made buying choices surrounding products manufactured in Britain. The research found […]

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Using Hardboard Sheets? Why you should stop

20 Nov , 2014  

Construction Sites

Hardboard Sheets Versus Proplex Hardboard is a high-density engineered wood material traditionally popular for temporary protection in the construction industry and is also popular with trades. Hardboard was initially viewed as an alternative to plywood as it had the benefit of being more cost effective. There is no denying that hardboard is a cheap way to […]


Recycled Proplex

Proplex Protective Flooring for Gymnasiums, Sports Halls and School Exams

8 May , 2014  

Proplex Floor Protection Sheets get A+ A High School in London has used Proplex 5mm Black Recycled Floor Protection Sheets (1.2m x 2.4m) to provide effective temporary floor coverings during various functions. The rigid 5mm sheets provide great impact resistance to chairs and foot traffic while staying lightweight and easy to carry. The floor protection sheets were originally […]

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DIY Projects & the Use of Temporary Protection

26 Apr , 2014  

DIY Projects

Guide To Using Temporary Protection for DIY Projects In recent years the scale of DIY projects has increased on every level from small projects in the home to larger self build initiatives and whilst the complexity of projects has changed with more advanced tools, materials and working practices many house holders are now following the […]

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Breathable Floor Coverings for granite and stone

16 Apr , 2014  

BreatherShield FR offers breathable and effective temporary protection to floor surfaces such as newly laid wood, marble and stone.

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Floor Protection During Move

15 Oct , 2013  

Plastic Floor Protection vs. Dust Sheets Read Part 1: New Home Part 1 – Redecorating During the redecorating process it has become apparent that plastic floor protection in the form of Protec Proplex, Promesh, Barrier sheeting and Carpetshield are all highly superior to cotton Dust Sheets or bits of old curtain and carpets. In one […]

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Using Steel Sheets?

16 Aug , 2013  

Forget Steel Sheets, Try Proplex Instead. When it comes to moving heavy machinery, protecting delicate flooring becomes a real issue. Traditionally strong products such as steel sheets were required to take the weight of the machinery whilst protecting the floor adequately. However, one drawback to steel sheeting is that it can damage the floor after repeated […]

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Protec Lead by Example When it Comes to Recycling

7 Aug , 2013  

At Protec we try to care for the environment as much as we do for our customers. For some time we haven taken matters of environmental protection, consideration to sustainable sources, and overall impact of our company quite seriously. One of the simplest ways we – and any company – can take the same considerations […]

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Corrugated Plastic Sheeting for Film & TV Productions

15 Oct , 2012  

Proplex Corrugated Plastic Sheeting used for protecting film set floors. We have supplied a number of  production companies with Proplex corrugated plastic sheeting (similar to and often reffered to in the industry as ‘Correx’) for protecting floors while on set or location. The material is perfect as it is robust and lightweight and solves the big problem of […]

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How to make storage boxes with Proplex

4 Aug , 2012   Gallery

Using Proplex Plastic sheeting for packaging or storage boxes Recently Protec have had a request for our Proplex which is to be used in an interesting application. A red-brick university had a requirement for a lightweight but durable and versatile material to make storage boxes from. These boxes were made by the students out of […]